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Xcel Energy preparing for storm; offers tips for staying safe

Xcel Energy preparing for storm; offers tips for staying safe

Crews prepare for significant snowfall and the possibility of electric power outages

DENVER, COLORADO (November 25, 2019) With a major storm predicted to hit the Colorado tonight and tomorrow, Xcel Energy is gearing up additional crews who will work to get the power back on if customers lose power during the storm. We also have tips customers can use to stay safe, report outages and stay informed when severe weather strikes.

The significant winter storm is expected to drop a foot of snow or much more along the front range, which can cause power outages. We understand that such outages can be a major inconvenience for customers, so we are pre-staging crews and other personnel in advance of the system. Xcel Energy crews will be ready, beginning this evening when the snow is expected to start falling, to quickly and safely restore electric service to our customers.

Please report your outage.

Customers can help Xcel Energy get a jump on power restoration by reporting outages. Customers have several ways to report their outage.

  • Xcel Energy mobile app available on iOS and Android
  • Online at
  • Text ‘OUT’ to 98936 to report an outage, or text STAT to the same number to check the status of a power outage.
  • Call 1-800-895-1999 and follow the prompts

Stay informed

If outages occur, it’s important for customers to have access to the most recent updates about their power restoration. Customers can stay informed by visiting the Xcel Energy website or by downloading the mobile app available on iOS and Android. Additionally, the website hosts an outage map that displays information on the number of customers out and anticipated time for restoration. Customers can also stay informed by following Xcel Energy on Facebook and Twitter.

Keep natural gas equipment clear of snow

Xcel Energy asks customers to keep both natural gas meters and furnace vents clear. Clearing snow and ice from natural gas meters can avoid the potential for dangerous natural gas buildup. Check often to ensure melting snow isn’t dripping on the meter from the roof or nearby trees.

Updates as necessary. Happy Thanksgiving!