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Water main repairs commencing!

Nederland Public Works has exposed enough of the broken pipe to begin making repairs.  Crews are gathering supplies to begin repairing the main within the hour.  We expect the repairs to take a few hours.

Once repairs are made it will be necessary for Town staff to flush our water mains.  This may stir up debris from the break.  We advise residents in the affected area not to try running their water during this time.  Running your water could draw debris into your service line and the water is not yet safe to drink.

In order to disinfect the main, chlorine levels will be raised in the affected area.  This is per CDPHE’s requirements.  The chlorine level of water in the affected area will be raised to a level between 3 and 4 mg/L.  This level is accepted as safe for human consumption according to the EPA’s drinking water standards.  However, this is approximately triple what we are used to in Town and residents may notice a chlorine smell and/or decide to continue drinking bottled water.  Most of this high chlorine water will be flushed out of the system tonight.

The next step will be to flush your individual service lines with cold water.  Once we have flushed our mains we will put directions for this on the Town’s website and on the recorded message at 303-258-3088.  Thank you for your patience.  Crews are hopeful to have your water on tonight.