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Water Main Break – Update from the Mayor

Mayor Kristopher Larsen, Town of Nederland

Update on the water situation:


The location of the leak has been found and is under the eastern part of the roundabout. I just met with Public Works, the Town administrator, and the Marshall to discuss the plan for excavating the leak and beginning the repairs. The plan is to begin digging at about 7am tomorrow morning to a depth of ~9 feet where the water main is located. Traffic will be detoured via signs so the impact should be minimized as much as possible. It’s expected that the excavation will take most of the day. Once we see what the situation is with the water main, we’ll be able to assess and begin the actual repairs. It is likely that we’re looking at a couple more days without water.


This afternoon, public works will be staging equipment and preparing for the repairs. Because of the need to clear our traffic plan with CDOT before beginning work, there is no way to begin digging for at least several hours, so the decision was made to begin first thing tomorrow morning.


As a reminder, anyone without water can go to the community center for bottled water or to fill jugs for use at home. We really appreciate everyone’s understanding. I can’t help but shake my head that it happens on this weekend of all weekends, and I know I’m not the only one looking forward to being able to take a shower again!