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Utility Payments – No Late Fees or Shut Offs


Please visit the Town’s website at to view PAYMENT OPTIONS & GUIDELINES.


  • At this time, we ask that customers who wish to pay by cash, to please get a money order.  A money order can be attained at the Post Office ($1.25 fee for less than $500 – $1.75 for more than $500) and possibly B&F Market (although that could not be confirmed at the time of this writing).
  • Checks, Money Orders and Cashier’s Checks can be remitted by mail or deposited into the black “Payment” drop box by the Town Hall front door.
  • If you have a checking account with Citywide Banks, but are out of checks, you can get a “Counter Check” for $1.00.
  • Consider registering for the online “eBill Payment System” to pay by credit or debit card on the Town’s website address above.

Until further notice, no late fees will be assessed, nor will water/sewer services be discontinued due to non-payment.

Although service will not be discontinued until further notice, property owners will still receive notice the account for their property has reached an aging of over 70 days for each quarter, as applicable.  Property owners ultimately remain responsible for the utility account payment, even when tenant occupied.

If you are having difficulty paying your bill, contact the Utility Billing Dept. and we will arrange a payment plan that works for you.

If you have any questions pertaining to your utility account or need to make payment arrangements, please contact the Utility Billing Department at  OR  303-258-3266 X4010.