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Solar Program to be Shared

You’ll find information below about Solar Benefits Boulder County. Boulder County and its municipalities are pooling our communities’ buying power to give us access to discounts on residential rooftop solar.

If you have ever thought of getting solar on your roof, now could be the best time to do so.
• Get the complete setup – The discount offered by Namaste Solar includes system design (using only premium, high-efficiency components), permitting costs, installation services, and monitoring. Namaste Solar also takes care of any repairs and maintenance, and guarantees the system’s production, for savings you can count on.
• Use Flexible Payment Options – Access low-interest financing at 1.99% interest
• Get Rewarded – $250 cash back to each customer once total installations reach 400kW
• Keep it Local – Competitively-selected Namaste Solar is a Boulder County company here to serve you for this limited time offer
• Act Soon – Residents must live in Boulder County and must sign-up by May 15th, 2016. You’ll receive a free, no-obligation quote.
Please consider a clean energy investment for yourself, our community, and future generations. Visit


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