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The 2-hour long full closures of CO119, Boulder Canyon Drive, have NOT started – when they do, you can  receive notices of the Boulder Canyon full closures via SMS text.

You can subscribe to the texting alert service by texting the word canyon to 313131 .

Frequently Asked Questions About the Texting Service

If I sign up for the texting alerts, will I still receive emails from the Public Information Team?

Yes, we will continue to send out emails in advance of the full and partial closures. If all you need are the full closure alerts, you can send us an email to be removed from the email list.

Will the texting service tell me about ALL of the closures in the canyon?

The text alerts will only let you know specifically about the 2-hour long, full closures of CO119.

How will I know if I have successfully signed up?

When you text the word canyon to the number 313131, you will receive a confirmation text message letting you know that you are signed up.
If you do not receive a text back from us within 5 minutes, please try checking your text message, and sending the message again.

What is the cost to sign up for the text alerts?

Signing up for the service is provided at no additional cost to you. Depending on your phone plan, you may incur message and data rate fees to receive the text alerts.
To minimize the messaging fees we will keep the text messages short.

How often should I expect to receive text alerts?

We plan to send a text once a day, on the day before a closure is planned. Some text alerts may be sent on Sundays to let you know about rock blasting planned on Monday. We also plan to use this service to communicate unplanned emergency closures.

How long will I receive text alerts?

The rock blasting on CO119 is scheduled from mid-April through August of 2019.

We plan to keep the text alert service through August 2019.

If I sign up for text alerts, how do I turn them off?

Just send a text that says “STOP canyon” to 313131. You’ll receive a one-time opt-out confirmation text.

Please don’t text and drive.

Let us know if you have additional questions about the texting service.