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Sidewalk Clearing

The sidewalks along the highway have been cleared.  We know that a number of residents were concerned about the condition of these sidewalks over the weekend.  Our crews will always work to clear sidewalks after taking care of the streets, which are the priority.  Only sidewalks along the highway between downtown and Eldora were included in DDA maintenance programs.  Property owners / tenants are responsible for clearing the sidewalks adjacent to their properties per Secction 11-1 of the Nederland Municipal Code.


From the Nederland Municipal Code:

Sec. 11-1. Removal of snow and ice.

(a) It is unlawful for any owner, or the agent or the tenant of such owner, of any lot, block or parcel of land within the Town to allow any snow, sleet, ice, dirt, debris or any other obstruction to accumulate or to remain upon any sidewalk adjoining such lot, block or parcel of land within the Town, longer than twelve (12) hours from the time of the last accretion of such snow, sleet, ice, dirt, debris or other obstruction.

(b) It is unlawful for any person to deposit or cause any snow or ice to be deposited on or against any fire hydrant or traffic signal control device or appurtenance; or to deposit or cause to be deposited accumulations of snow or ice upon or adjacent to any sidewalk, street, roadway or loading and unloading area of a public transportation system or any designated emergency access lane, such as may retard or in any way interfere with the safe and orderly flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic by obstructing the view of such traffic on intersection streets or drives or by any other means, or in any way obstruct or impede street or roadway drainage.

(c) Violation of this Section shall be subject to penalty as provided in Section 1-72. (Ord. 435 §1, 1996)


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