Short-Term Rentals

Published on 08/19/19 8:22 PM

The rental licensing section of the Code was last revised in 1999. Since that time, the Town has seen significant growth of the sharing economy and the expansion of short-term rental housing. The expansion of short-term rental housing has created an adverse impact to the health, safety, and welfare of communities, including an increase in housing costs and depletion of residential housing opportunities for persons seeking full-time accommodations. The Board of Trustees has received significant public comment expressing a desire to preserve the residential character of the Town and to preserve the long-term housing stock.

The short-term rental ordinance reasonably regulates short-term rentals of residential real property. The regulation of short-term rentals preserves the residential character of the Town and establishes operating standards for short-term rentals. The BOT and other Town Boards have participated in discussions related to the regulation of short-term rentals since approximately 2016. The next meeting where short-term rentals will be discussed is at the Board of Trustees Meeting on Tuesday, August 20th at 7pm at the Nederland Community Center.

Additional Information about short-term rentals: