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September Mitigation Event

With so much smoke in the air, one’s thoughts turn to mitigation, and the neD-SPACE team has scheduled our first mitigation event since May for September 16th.

Volunteers should gather at 55 Valleyview Drive at 7:45 am for the usual sign-in and briefing (sawyers please arrive at 7:15). Two properties will be mitigated, and we’ll conclude with a potluck at noon.

Event coordinators are Kris Hess and Marc McClish, Safety officer is Jamie Carpenter.

Sawyers must be pre-approved; indicate your interest in cutting via the RSVP contact form. Three S-212 sawyers and five neD-SPACE (Saws & Slaws) trained sawyers will be needed for this event.

What to bring:
Sawyers: Chainsaw, fuel, bar oil, PPE (hard hat, eye protection, hearing protection, chaps, gloves, sturdy boots)
Swampers: long sleeve shirt, pants, gloves, sturdy shoes, safety glasses, ear protection
Everyone: A potluck side dish or dessert to share (Burgers, Brauts, and nonalcoholic beverages will be provided)
RSVP here please.
We hope to see you on the 16th!



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