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PUBLIC HEARING – April 10th @ 7pm, Community Center – Knotted Root Brewery Liquor Sales Room Application

Dear Nederland Residents and Business Owners,

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Town of Nederland Liquor Licensing Authority will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Nederland Community Center, at 750 Highway 72 North, in the Multipurpose Room to consider a recommendation for:

  • An application from Knotted Root Brewing Company for a liquor sales room, pursuant to C.C. R. 12-47-428 to be exercised at 250 N. Caribou Rd., Nederland, Colorado.

Applicant Name & Title: Chris Marchio, Founder/Manager

Trade Name: Knotted Root Brewing Company

Mailing Address: PO BOX 3342, Nederland CO 80466

For a Liquor Sales Room application, the state ultimately approves the license, but the local licensing authority may submit findings as to how the permit would impact traffic, noise, or other neighborhood concerns in a manner that is inconsistent with local regulations or ordinances.  The local licensing authority for the Town of Nederland’s is the Board of Trustees.

Holding a public hearing to include residents and business owner’s opinions in the matter is permitted, but not required by State law. Such a hearing would not be to approve or reject the application.  It would be to hear community and staff concerns and reasons of support, give the applicant a chance to rebut any concerns, and formulate input from the Board to forward to the State, who will make the ultimate licensing decision.

Join us on Tuesday April 10th at the Community Center for the opportunity to share your opinion for consideration of the Liquor Sales Room application from Knotted Root Brewery. The meeting will also be live streamed and can be listened to on the Town’s Civic Web portal.

For assistance in accessing the portal, please contact Town Hall at 303-258-3266.

Please note: This April 10th, 2018 public hearing will take the place of the April 17th, 2018

public hearing to discuss Knotted Root Brewery’s Liquor Sales Room Application.