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Pay a Bill or Fee

The Town Fee Schedule, enacted each year by the Board of Trustees, governs the charging of fees. These amounts can change from year to year, so please check the fee schedule or application before writing a check.

Nederland water rates are also set each year by the Board of Trustees. Residents are billed quarterly and businesses are billed monthly for water.


In response to COVID-19 impact, some temporary changes to ‘PAYMENT OPTIONS & GUIDELINES” have been enacted.  Please click the link below:

Town Hall Reopens & Utility Payments



Utility Payments may be made by Cash, Personal Check, Money Order, or Cashier’s Check.  Payments need to be received in Town Hall by 5pm on the specified due date to be considered timely (regardless of postmark date when mailed).

Town Hall is located at 45 W. 1st St.,

and the mailing address is PO Box 396, Nederland, CO  80466-0396.


  • Checks, Money Orders, and Cashier’s Checks can be remitted 24/7 into the black “Payment” Drop Box by the front door of Town Hall.  It is not recommended to deposit cash into the “Payment” Drop Box.
  • Payments can be set up to auto draft (so that they’re never late).  Please fill out the ACH Authorization Form (link below).
  • Cash payments should always be made during Town Hall business hours; it is not recommended that cash be deposited into the Payment Drop Box.
  • If a payment due date lands on a Saturday or Sunday, any payment collected from the Payment Drop Box by 6:00am the following Monday, will be considered on time.  If paying with cash, payment must be made the preceding Friday.
  • On the rare occasion that Town Hall has closed before 5pm on a business day, and which is also a specified payment due date, cash payments would need to be submitted before 5pm the next business day.
  • At this time, the only option for credit/debit card payments is through the eBill Payment System.  This system requires an initial pre-registration before you can make a payment.  You will need your 4-digit account number (do not leave out any leading zeros) and the system generated PIN which is tied to your account number.  This PIN is printed on your bill.  This payment process is facilitated by PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account) and you will incur a convenience fee (currently about 3.5% but is/can be subject to change).  The fee will be calculated before finalizing your payment, which will give you the opportunity to cancel the transaction should you choose.  You will only be able to view bills that are generated and uploaded to the system subsequent to your registration.



Credit/Debit card payments may be made online by clicking on the blue button below.

View/Pay eBills


If you would like to have your utility payment automatically drafted from your checking or savings account, please click the ACH form below:

ACH Authorization Form


HERE ARE SOME TIPS ON   How to Read Your Utility Bill



If utility payments made with a physical check or an ACH Auto-Draft have been returned by the bank (i.e., Insufficient Funds) two times within a year of each other, no personal checks will be accepted for a one (1) year period and the customer will not be eligible to utilize/participate in the ACH Auto-Draft program for a period of one (1) year.

If a single utility payment made with a physical check or an ACH Auto-Draft has been returned by the bank on a Closed Account, no personal checks will be accepted for a one (1) year period, and the customer will not be eligible to utilize/participate in the ACH Auto-Draft program for a period of one (1) year.

Accounts with a returned payment will be assessed a $25.00 fee per the Town Fee Schedule.  Additionally, any late fees that would have been incurred before the Water Billing Department receives notice of a returned payment, will be assessed retroactively.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your water bill, please contact our Water Billing Department or 303-258-3266 ext. 4010.


All police-issued fines and tickets must be paid at the Nederland Police Department, 20 Lakeview Drive.  Police- and court-issued fees, fines, and tickets are set by State law or the Municipal Court judge. Town staff do not have the authority to alter or amend the amount of any police- or court-issued fee, fine, or ticket. Credit card payments are accepted for police fines, fees, and tickets only. To pay with credit card online, please click on the blue button above.

Questions about a police-issued fine or ticket should be directed to the Police Department 303-258-3250.