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Nederland Saws and Slaws

Nederland Saws and Slaws events are collaborative efforts between property owners, PROSAB, the Nederland Public Works Department and Boulder County).  Using the various strengths of each property owner and volunteer we organize a “work party” on a weekend morning from 8-12 and then have a potluck gathering afterwards.  The goal is to pool our resources – both equipment and physical so we can get a great amount of work done in a short amount of time and then relax and spend time with our neighbors and other volunteers to build a sense of community. .  At the end of the day it’s in all of our best interest to have our homes and our neighbors homes prepared for forest fires and to keep our forest healthy.










How to Get Involved – Step 1

You can get involved in one of three roles listed below.

1. As a Property Owner – sign up for a specific Saws and Slaws event in your neighborhood.  Target event dates are shown in the sections below.  A neighborhood champion and a Saws and Slaws project manager will do a “walk thru” with you on your property before the event day to determine what work you would like done.  The property owner is always in control of what gets done!

Click here for more information.

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2. As a Neighborhood Champion – same as described for “Property Owner” except you help recruit the neighborhood Property Owners.  Also, the neighborhood champion hosts the potluck lunch or helps recruit one of the Property Owners to host the lunch.  If you know just 2-3 other owners in your neighborhood who would be interested you’re perfect for this job!

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  Roles and Responsibilities (65.0 KiB, 645 hits)

3. As a General Volunteer – show up on event day and help out however you can.  It can be hauling brush or logs, preparing food, or raking pine needles.  No special skills required, just sign up and we’ll be sure to find a job that fits you well!

All participants will be required to sign a release waiver. 

  Release Form (210.1 KiB, 846 hits)

How to Get Involved – Step 2

The July Saws and Slaws event will be held in the Sunnyside neighborhood; the location of subsequent events will be scheduled as neighbors step up to volunteer. We’re looking for interested property owners or neighborhood champions in any Nederland-area neighborhood that would like to participate.  Clusters of 3 -5 contiguous participating properties will be given top priority in the scheduling of events, so recruit your neighbors. General volunteers are also needed so please come on out to participate, meet some community members, and learn the techniques of defensible space and forest management.

Send your e-mail to


1)  your interest – neighborhood champion, property owner, general volunteer

2)  your approximate location – what neighborhood

3)  your preferred method of contact – include your preferred e-mail and phone number

We’ll also add your e-mail to our Saws and Slaws e-mail list to alert you to all Saws and Slaws events in Nederland.

Target Saws and Slaws Event Dates

Upcoming and tentative event days and dates are listed below.

May 25th, 2013: Chainsaw Class

May 26th, 2013: Nederland Town water treatment plant (cutting trees only)

June 8th, 2013: St Anton’s Emergency Egress Thinning Event

June 29th, 2013: Big Springs Event #1

July 20th, 2013: Big Springs Event #2

Aug 24th, 2013: Big Springs Event #3

Sept 22nd, 2013: Open


If you are interested in a date that does not appear above, please contact Alan Brewer :