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Noxious Weeds


Noxious Weeds are non-native plants that were originally imported to the United States for their ornamental beauty, aggressive growth habits, xeriscape potential, or re-seeding capabilities.  However, the very aggressive growth traits which made these plants desirable for a garden or landscape have enabled them to thrive outside cultivated areas and become fierce competitors with native vegetation. Lacking environmental controls and natural predators,  they have escaped cultivation and become aggressive invaders of wildlands, open space, housing subdivisions, municipal areas, private property, and roadsides.

Noxious weeds can dramatically reduce native species diversity. Before noxious weed infestation, there are many different species of plants providing specialized nectar and food sources for a wide variety of native pollinators and other animals.  After infestation, many of these species become crowded out into a monoculture or near-monoculture of noxious weeds which provide few or no ecosystem services.  Native wildflowers such as Colorado Blue Columbine, our state flower, cannot compete with aggressive, invasive plants for nutrients, sunlight, and water. As a result, our biologically diverse mountain meadows, grasslands, and wetlands are in danger of being overrun by monocultures of non-native species.

  Nederland Noxious Weed Management Plan 2015 (1.5 MiB, 0 hits)

  Nederland Noxious Weed Management Plan 1-page Summary (427.4 KiB, 0 hits)

  Nederland Noxious Weed Look-alikes tri-fold flier (4.8 MiB, 1,785 hits)


The Colorado State Department of Agriculture has mandated that every county prevent further damage of certain noxious weed species  pursuant to The Colorado Noxious Weed Act,  C.R.S. §35-5.5-101, et seq.  It is the duty of all persons to be educated and vigilant about noxious weeds, and to use integrated methods to appropriately manage noxious weeds on their property.   In Nederland, the Municipal Code is enforceable under the revised ordinance concerning Noxious Weeds:

  Ordinance 736 Amending Chapter 7 of the Nederland Municipal Code concerning Noxious Weeds (269.5 KiB, 916 hits)

If noxious weeds are found upon a neighboring property, residents are encouraged to discuss/educate each other.  Residents may report a noxious weed problem on a specific property in Nederland, via filing a Residential Formal Complaint/ Communication Form at the Town Hall by any person.



Nederland Noxious Weed Coordinator Rea Orthner

Boulder County Weed Manager  Steve Sauer 303-678-6110,

  Construction Best Management Practices - Controlling the Spread of Noxious Weeds (131.4 KiB, 1,256 hits)

– Construction BMP’s for Controlling Noxious Weed spread is also located on the Building and Construction page:

Agenda for past meetings:

  Noxious Weeds Sub-Committee Agenda 4-7-2015 (48.8 KiB, 610 hits)

2015 Community Noxious Weed Pull Dates 

  Let's Pull Together! 2015 Noxious Weed Pulls (712.1 KiB, 655 hits)