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No Better Time Than Now to Begin Going Solar

Join a movement of residents who have taken control of their electric bills and are supporting the planet by putting solar on their home. To make the process easier, Nederland has teamed up with Boulder County’s EnergySmart to provide you with a short list of trusted solar installers in the area. If you have other questions or want expert advice when comparing bids, EnergySmart can help with this too.

The time is now – The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) shrinks in 2020, meaning if you want to save 30% of costs, you must begin work in 2019.
Tried and Trusted – EnergySmart has just added a new list of pre-qualified contractors, to help you find the most dependable solar installers in your area.
Support Your Community – Your community can’t meet its sustainability goals without your help. Be the change we need to see.

Visit to learn more and start going solar today!