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Nederland Biosolids Facility Nearing Completion

Nederland is nearing completion of our new Biosolids facility.  This facility was approved by voters in April of 2018 and includes an aerobic digester and a screw press.   This new equipment will allow us to thicken and dewater our sludge on site, thus reducing our carbon footprint by reducing the number of trucks up and down the canyon.

Additionally the new facility will eliminate the need for a sludge holding pond on site.  All sludge and dewatered solids will be contained within the new building.  This will significantly reduce odors in the area and increase the aesthetic appeal of this site.

Currently the pond is in the process of being drained and decommissioned.  Final touches are being put on the building and associated infrastructure.  Staff training on new equipment has commenced.  Once the project is complete we will announce a grand opening where the public can come view this new facility.

As always tours of our existing wastewater treatment plant are available with notice.  These tours will also be available at our new facility after the grand opening.  We are happy to discuss this project with anyone who has questions.  Please call 303-258-3088 if you would like to speak to a wastewater treatment operator.