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Nederland Adopt-A-Bench Program


Mission: To dedicate existing benches or purchase a new bench for special recognition of an individual or organizations.

About the Program: The Adopt/Dedicate-A-Bench program allows individuals or groups to adopt a bench in one of Nederland’s parks or trails in recognition of a person or their cause. A plaque can be added to the back of a current bench or a new bench can be purchased to bring attention to their particular cause or a person.


  • Applicant must attach to the application a design drawing of the proposed plaque with all measurements and any inscription/text.
  • The applicant must provide the physical address of the location of the bench seeking to be adopted.
  • The applicant agrees to monitor of the bench monthly and notify the town of any items of concern.
  • The Town of Nederland will place a plaque on your bench crediting you, your organization, or the person of dedication at the applicant’s expense (see “Fees” for explanation of charges).
  • The applicant understands that the organization and/or the individual volunteers will not be paid or receive any other remuneration for services as a volunteer with the Town. In addition, they understand that if there is an injury to a volunteer during the course and scope of the volunteer activities, that their personal insurance is primary.


  • Once the application has been submitted, the Public Works Manager will provide the applicant with an estimate for how much the purchasing and installing of the plaque and/or bench will be.
  • Applicant must accept the estimated charges prior to the plaque and/or bench being ordered.
  • There will be an hourly fee for the installation of the plaque and/or bench by Public Works staff based on the fee schedule adopted by the Board of Trustees for the current year.

Approval Process:

  • Each applicant must sign/submit the Adopt/Dedicate-a-Bench application. The completed application, with signature(s), should be delivered to Town Hall.
  • Public Works Manager will review the application with the Parks, Recreation, Open Space Advisory Board (PROSAB) designee and the Public Works Park team to ensure the application is complete and provides all the information needed for the plaque and/or bench.
  • Once reviewed by the Public Works Manager, the application will be sent to the Town Clerk for final approval.

Click here for a list of available benches in town.

If you have any questions, please contact the Town of Nederland Town Clerk at 303-258-3266 ext. 1030 or email