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Mud Lake Open Space

The Mud Lake Open Space Project

In 1999, the Town of Nederland and Boulder County entered into the Mud Lake Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) to facilitate moving the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) bus barn, Cole’s Excavating, and the Town shops (which all were just west of town) to more favorable locations.  The IGA also made room for the current Nederland Fire Department site, six units of affordable housing where the Town shops are still located (the Town shops will move up to a piece of Town property off of Ridge Road once the County land use is approved), and five acres for Wild Bear Nature Center.  In the agreement, the Town purchased the land now known as Indian Peaks Subdivision and Mud Lake Open Space for $1,150, 000.00.  Indian Peaks was developed and sold by the Town to reimburse the purchase and utility costs, but the Town still carries some debt on the purchase.  The County granted the Town $450,000.00 cash and was deeded or granted conservation easements to what constitutes Mud Lake Open Space, which is really three distinct parcels: the 257-acre parcel around Mud Lake, the smaller 18-acre parcel south of Indian Peaks Drive, and the 42-acre Ridge Road parcel east of Hwy. 72.  The Ridge Road site was bought by the Town for $250,000.00.  Afterward, the Town deeded four acres of the Ridge Road site to BVSD for the bus barn site and the remaining 38 acres to the County for use as open space.

On-going Project Issues

  • The Town shops are planned to move to a new site behind the County shops on Ridge Road.  The land use is undergoing County approval.  Six units of affordable housing will be located at the old Town shop site.
  • The Town must find another location for another six units of affordable housing or compensate the County $72,000.00.
  • The Town still carries debt on the original land purchases and utility installations.

2009 Sort Yard Amendment

In 2009, Boulder County requested use of 3-5 acres of the 38-acre Ridge Road parcel for a temporary (5-15 years) sort yard, and asked Nederland’s permission to amend the IGA.  The Town approved the amendment and a yard waste sort yard was opened in summer of 2010.