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Message from Mayor Larsen – March 24, 2020

Happy Tuesday Nederland! Wanted to give a quick update on a few things since we’ve all heard the Denver and Boulder are both enacting stay-at-home orders for their cities and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Nederland’s response.

I’m incredibly proud of our residents and businesses who have been ahead of the curve on this and taking actions as a community to keep us all safe, without orders coming down from above. From all the volunteers helping people get food and supplies to our restaurants transitioning to pick up only (don’t forget about NEDTOGO.COM!) we’ve come together to stay-at-home as a community.

Because we’re already taking all the right steps as a community, I’m not looking quite yet at taking the step of declaring a mandatory stay-at-home for Nederland. What I am doing, and need everyone’s help to do, is to keep the pressure on the County to shut down or heavily limit access to local trailheads. As they’re outside town limits, we need the county to take action and I hope you’ll all join me in writing our commissioners. Ideally there is a solution that would enable locals to safely use them, but until that’s found we need the county to make it clear that the mountains are closed until the COVID-19 danger is past.

I’m going to continue to work with other communities and our partners to get this message out, and consider myself the luckiest damn mayor in the state because of each of you. We’re going to keep doing the right thing for our families and neighbors and come through this stronger together.

-Kristopher Larsen, Mayor