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Message from Mayor Larsen

Good morning everyone. Like all of you, I’m watching what’s happening in Grand Lake and Estes Park with a heavy sadness and feelings of dread.

Today is going to be a hard day across our area as the strong winds from last night continue and we count down the minutes until the snow.

We’ve been incredibly lucky here in Ned so far this fire season, but it’s clearly not over yet. Our emergency staff are doing an incredible job, from Ned Fire who have been out on the front lines fighting the fires while still responding instantly to issues here in town, to our Police officers who have expanded their duties to help enforce the closure of the forests and trails around town, to Town Staff who are keeping atop the rapidly changing situations and making plans we hope not to have to use.

Today is an important day for all of us to be vigilant. It is a day for us to watch out for our forests and if we see something, report it. It’s a day for us to be kind to those living around us, some who are facing the cold nights in the forest, and remind them of the help available at the Community Center. It is a day for us all to consider what we can do to make our homes and neighborhoods safer, both for the rest of this fire season and looking ahead to next year’s.

Snow is coming, and with it a reprieve from the stress of the last few weeks. Until then, let’s all look out for each other and ensure that Nederland gets through this troublesome time.