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Meet the Candidate Event – Selected Pre-Submitted Questions

On Tuesday, March 10, 2020, there will be a “Meet the Candidates” event at the Nederland Community Center. The evening will start at 6pm with an informal meet-and-greet. The “Meet the Candidate” event will begin at 7pm in the theatre. During the event, candidates will be asked three questions that they will be given 90 seconds to respond to. Two of the questions will be pre-submitted questions that the candidates will receive 24 hours in advance and can prepare for. One question will be asked during the event.


Mayoral Questions:

  1. What strategies would you implement to ensure future housing developments are committed to affordability in perpetuity to meet the needs of local residents?
  2. What are your goals if you are elected?

Trustee Questions:

  1. It seems that our relationship with Eldora ski area is contentious with many town members embracing the resort and others resenting it. How do you see the Towns relationship with the resort and how do you see it evolving?
  2. How can the BOT strongly advocate for partnerships and creative solutions to get senior housing in Nederland for long term residents?


During the “Meet and Greet”, the public will be asked to submit additional questions in writing on an index card. At 6:45pm, the moderator will review the questions and develop two additional questions based on combining like questions that were submitted. One additional question will be asked of the Mayoral candidates and one of the Trustee candidates. The candidates will not know what these additional questions are ahead of time.


We encourage community members to submit questions and to attend the “Meet the Candidate” event to learn more about the candidates.