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Mayor’s Task Force on Economic Development

The Mayor’s Task Force on Economic Development was tasked with developing the interim steps to achieve the town’s economic sustainability goals by the year 2020 as stated by the following Envision 2020 statements:

  • By 2020, Nederland supports its local businesses and works to attract new businesses that enhance local services while supporting local values, qualities and the 2020 vision.
  • By 2020, Nederland’s economy is local, community based, self­-sufficient and is characterized by diverse and essential products, services and jobs that both support the local community and are mindful of potential impacts on the environment.
  • By 2020, Nederland’s economy encourages and welcomes new, non-­traditional economic models, the responsible management of tourism and the stewardship of the environment. The community consistently recognizes and responsibly encourages the thoughtful and meaningful relationship between recreation, culture and the economy.

The Task Force presented their final report to the Board of Trustees on May 3, 2016.

Final report:

  2016 Report of Mayor's Task Force on Economic Development (1.3 MiB, 1,541 hits)

Summary information:

  EDTF Report Presentation (Summary Information) (83.4 KiB, 613 hits)

  Economic Dev Survey Comparison 2004 vs. 2015 Surveys (126.1 KiB, 591 hits)

  2015 Economic Development Survey (53.2 KiB, 549 hits)

Other referenced documents, including the Comprehensive Plan, are found here: Town Documents

2016 Meeting Agendas:

  March 7, 2016 Public Hearing Agenda (72.2 KiB, 0 hits)

  Economic Development Task Force - February 8, 2016 Agenda (72.4 KiB, 550 hits)

  Economic Development Task Force - January 25, 2016 Agenda (26.9 KiB, 0 hits)

2014 & 2015 Meeting Agendas:

  Economic Development Task Force April 23, 2015 Agenda (45.2 KiB, 0 hits)

  Economic Development Task Force June 5, 2014 agenda (45.2 KiB, 773 hits)

  Economic Development Task Force June 17, 2014 Agenda (74.4 KiB, 0 hits)

  Economic Development Task Force July 14, 2014 Agenda (46.0 KiB, 798 hits)

  Economic Development Task Force August 13, 2014 Agenda (163.8 KiB, 879 hits)

Economic Development Task Force Updates: 

December 2012

The Board of Trustees re-formed the Mayor’s Task Force on Economic Development to examine ways to promote and sustain our local economy in keeping with the ideals of the Envision 2020 report.  The Resolution re-establishing also contains an outline for the proposed task force.

  2012-38 Re-establishing the Mayor's Task Force on Economic Development (137.6 KiB, 1,049 hits)

March 2011

The Mayor’s Economic Development Task Force generated a report to the BOT with recommendations on how to “improve Nederland’s business-friendliness quotient.”  Please see the link below for more information as well as the Task Force’s full recommendations to the BOT.

  MEDTF report to BOT (166.7 KiB, 1,543 hits)