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March 17, 2020 Board of Trustee Virtual Meeting Access Information

As a reminder, the March 17, 2020 Board of Trustees meeting will be held as a virtual meeting. The meeting system will open around 6:45pm. We encourage people to access the meeting early via website or phone so if you have any connectivity issues, you can contact us so we can help. We have identified that it may be easier for people to call in versus using the website.


Call-In Access:

Phone Number: +1-408-418-9388

Meeting Number/Access Code: 621 716 237

*There is no individual code so press #

If you do have problems accessing the meeting, please email Please include your phone number in the message so someone can call you to assist.

As a reminder, if you are interested in providing public comment during the meeting, please email the Town Clerk ( You can also use the “Chat” feature to sign up once in the meeting as well if you access the meeting via the website.