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Hydrant Flushing in Big Springs Neighborhood

Week of May 9th:

The Utilities Department will be flushing fire hydrants throughout the summer to maintain water quality. Signs will be placed in the neighborhood prior to flushing. Prior to flushing, the Roads Department will be ensuring that ditches and culverts are clear to provide adequate drainage. They will then be grading after flushing is complete.

Fire hydrant flushing has the potential to stir up sediment within the distribution system. If discolored water occurs, it is not a health hazard. However, it can create staining on the porcelain and laundry. If there is discoloration to your water run your cold water for several minutes until it runs clear, do this before using it for laundry or using hot water.

Please contact the Utilities Department at 303-258-3088, or Town Hall at 303-258-3266 with any questions.


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