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Housing/Human Services Info

The Housing Sub-Committee of the Peak to Peak Human Services Task Force

The Human Services group addresses all sorts of needs in the mountains. Our housing-focused group has three particular goals: to advocate for good housing policy and practices, to connect people to existing programs that help, and to work directly on issues of maintenance and weatherization that have fallen through the cracks. So, as much as we want to encourage new and better housing options for a bright future in the mountain community, we also want to assist folks with the problems you face now. If you own your home and cannot afford to fix something—bad insulation, unstable stairs, something that would make it easier for you to thrive as a mountain neighbor—contact the housing volunteers (Hansen Wendlandt, We can’t fix everything, but we have adopted a few projects that really made a difference.

  Where to Get Help Guide - 2016 (4th Edition) (548.1 KiB, 682 hits)