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Public Works

The Public Works Department maintains Nederland streets, water and wastewater utilities, parks and public buildings. The Town shop is located just west of town, and plans are underway to move this facility to a location on Ridge Rd. behind the Boulder County shop site.


Staff is accessible by email clicking on the links below, or by using the protocol first name last initial at
Public Works is staffed by:

Chris Pelletier, Public Works Manager
(303) 258-3266 (Town Hall)
(303) 258-3167 (Public Works Shop)
(303) 258-7985 (Water Plant)
(303) 258-3088 (Wastewater Treatment Plant)

The Public Works Department is responsible for water treatment, transmission, distribution, and meter reading; wastewater collection and treatment; stormwater collection; streets, right-of-way maintenance, and signage; parks and trails maintenance; cemetery care and interments; Town building and fleet maintenance; and construction inspection.

The Public Works Department is not responsible for repair or maintenance of water service lines. The Nederland Municipal Code indicates that such repair and maintenance is the owner’s responsibility:

NMC, Sec. 13-55.  Service lines.
(a)   The property owner of any premises upon which water service is provided shall maintain and repair all water service lines and their fixtures from the water main into his or her structure so as to prevent any leakage or damage.  Any such leakage or damage shall be immediately repaired at the property owner’s expense.
(b)   Upon written notice, the Board of Trustees may, in addition to other remedies provided in this Article, terminate water service to the property if the property owner fails to immediately stop all such leakage or to repair a damaged water service line.
(c)   The property owner shall be responsible for all damage to the water system resulting from failure to properly maintain or repair his or her individual service line and appurtenances.  Said owner shall pay for all costs of repair to damaged public property and for water loss estimated by the Town.
(d)   Discharge of water to prevent freezing service lines or water mains is prohibited unless specifically authorized in writing by the Board of Trustees.
(e)   Curb boxes and shutoff valves shall be kept accessible and in good repair at all times by the property owner.  If the Town expends time or materials turning on or off water supply to a property, or repairing any leaking or damaged water service line or portion thereof, all costs incurred by the Town shall be paid by the property owner to the Town as water service charges and billed, collected and enforced as set forth in Section 13-58 below.  (Ord. 345 §5, 1992; Ord. 539 §2, 2001)