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Information regarding cloudy water

Water Meters

Water Meter Locations

Water meters are typically located inside the building in a crawlspace/basement, in a utility closet near the hot water heater, or under the kitchen sink.

Water Meter Readings

Water meter readings are remotely sent from a water meter reader installed on the outside of the building or near the water meter.  The reader sends the water meter read through a fixed network around town to a localized collector.  The reader also monitors for excessive water use (that could be caused by a leak) and reports leak codes.

Maintain Access to Water Meters and Transmitters

As part of the town code, all customers are responsible for maintaining the water meter and water meter reader, as well as clear access to the equipment for maintenance or repairs.  Refer to Chapter 13 of the municipal code for more information.

water meter warranty

water meter reader warranty

Information on radiation levels associated with the FireFly device:


Information on Town Water pH Levels

Town water quality is maintained by Public Works Utilities staff.  Currently, the Town has 4 water operators, trained at various levels (including a Level A-certified employee), as well as an on-call consulting firm, to monitor and insure water quality for our residents.  Water pH is one method used to monitor water quality and is checked at each water tank and pressure release valve (PRV) station throughout the day.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends potable water pH levels of 6.5 to 8.5.  Lower end values can lead to corrosion of pipes and valves, causing sediment in the water; and higher end values can sometimes result in mineral deposits in the water.  The State of Colorado recommends keeping pH levels out of the lower end of the EPA-recommended range in order to reduce infrastructure corrosion and preserve water distribution systems.  The photos below were taken in October 2012, during a major water infrastructure replacement project.  The pipes show the corrosion of many years’ use and a low pH setting.

Nederland’s water pH had traditionally run on the lower end of the EPA range, but was raised slightly in mid-2012 to comply with State recommendations and preserve investments in the Town’s water distribution system.  The pH of “raw water” coming into Nederland’s water distribution system is 7.01; the pH of treated water going out of the distribution system is 7.79.  Some indoor gardeners may prefer a lower pH, and those who do are advised to test their water and obtain pH-lowering supplements at local gardening stores if needed.

Annual Water Reports

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