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Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB)

The Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB) is an appointed board that advises the Board of Trustees to effectuate improvements to Town codes, operations and facilities on matters regarding sustainable practices, resource conservation, renewable energy, waste reduction, public outreach and education. SAB members serve for three-year terms.

Click to read the entire Nederland Definition of Sustainability

The current members of the SAB are:

Melody B., Chair – term expires June 1, 2019
Kevin M. – term expires June 1, 2020
Camille T. – term expires June 1, 2019
Eryka T. – term expires June 1, 2021
Jen M. – term expires June 1, 2020
Alan A. – term expires June 1, 2021

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The SAB meets on the 4th Thursday of the month in the Nederland Community Center Conference Room (unless otherwise noted upon Calendars) from 7:15 – 9:15pm.


SAB 2019-2021 Goals Full Document

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Public Involvement:

Nederland Solar Rebate Program

View the Nederland Sustainability Action Plan (#NedZero)

100% Renewable Electricity Transition Plan

View PDF versions on SAB Agendas

View PDF versions of SAB Meeting Minutes

The SAB is using Google Docs to collaborate. You can find all of our documents by clicking here.  You do not need a Google account, password, or any other authorization to access these documents.

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