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Parks, Recreation & Open Space Advisory Board (PROSAB)

The Town of Nederland is seeking applicants to serve on the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Advisory Board (PROSAB). To apply for this vacancy, please download and complete the application and submit it to the  Town Clerk.


The mission of the Parks, Recreation & Open Space Advisory Board (PROSAB) is to maintain the Town of Nederland and Surrounding Areas Open Space, Trails, Parks and Outdoor Recreation Master Plan in conformance with the Town vision and the direction of the Town of Nederland Board of Trustees, to work to implement the Plan through its own initiative and through cooperation with and support of community organizations in coordination with town resources, to work to see that all projects that fall under the scope of the Plan conform to it and integrate harmoniously with one another and to advise the Board of Trustees and educate the public on matters concerning the Plan and its implementation.


PROSAB members are appointed by the Board of Trustees and serve three-year terms.  Current members:

Jonathan Baumhoveer, Trustee Liason & Vice Chair (2021)

John Adler (2022)
Jessica Ansari (2022)
Atashnaa Medicine Shield (2022)
Marcelo Mainzer (2022)
Chris Perret (2022)

Email the PROSAB Board

PROSAB Objectives

PROSAB objectives follow the PROST plan directive to maintain what we have, in preference to creating new facilities, and be achievable without great cost (PROSAB has no budget), unduly taxing Town staff or burning out PROSAB members. Emphasis is upon completing existing projects and placing the Town on a firm footing for maintaining present and future parks and recreation facilities.



  • Improve availability and access to PROST information
  • Create awareness of PROSAB programs and opportunities

Forest Health

  • Continue to serve as a conduit for forest health information


  • Strengthen Adopt-a-Park program!
    • Find sponsors for every park
    • Maintain regular communications with adopters
  • Complete maintenance plans for all Town parks and recreational facilities and assets, paying attention to ADA compliance
  • Create guidelines to standardize Town park fixtures


  • Continue to serve as the primary Town conduit for communications with area entities seeking to address recreational shooting issues
  • Support the Community Center and area recreational groups such as RINK and NedRec in providing recreational opportunities for local residents

Open Space

  • Complete management plans for all Town open space properties with assistance from state and county foresters


  • Complete Trails Master Plan Update
  • Continue to partner with interested organizations (such as NATO, WRV and the City of Boulder) to address trail maintenance needs
  • Continue to engage with Boulder County and the USFS in planning area trails
  • Seek designation as Continental Divide Trail Gateway Community


Public Involvement

The PROSAB welcomes volunteer involvement. If you have an interest in open space, trails and/or parks and recreation in the Nederland area, and would like to participate in PROSAB activities, please contact Jonathan Baumhover.

PROSAB meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at the Nederland Community Center at 7:00 pm. All meetings are open to the public.