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Forest Issues

Welcome to the Forest Issues page of the Town of Nederland web site. You will find information related to local and regional fuels mitigation projects, the Town’s Firewise and other forest health programs, wildfire preparedness, and other efforts.


Town Comments on Forsythe II Fuels Mitigation Project Draft Decision

The Town of Nederland, via PROSAB, has submitted a letter regarding the Forsythe II fuels mitigation project, in time for the Forest Service’s Jan. 9, 2017 objection deadline. It incorporated several concerns expressed by residents at a public hearing before the Board of Trustees on Jan. 5, 2017. It also continues to express the Town’s overall support for the project.

Forsythe II Decision Letter

More information on this project can be found here:

Forest Service Issues Final Decision on Magnolia Trails System

The U.S. Forest Service announced Jan, 10, 2017 it released its final decision for the Magnolia Non-Motorized Trails Project.

The decision finalizes all elements in the draft decision, including a 44-mile, non-motorized trail system across about 6,000 acres branching out from the Peak to Peak Highway in areas known as East Magnolia and West Magnolia. Currently there are about 60 miles of trail on the ground in that area, including 14 miles of National Forest system trails and about 46 miles of non-system or “user-created” trails.

The project includes building new trail, adding some user-created trails to the system and obliterating all other user-created routes. A total of 29 miles of user-created trails identified in the final decision will be obliterated following this decision, as well as any additional user-created routes found during project implementation.

More information on this project can be found here:

Forest Service Reports Method to Speed Slash Piles’ Chipping

  Chipping_Contract_to_Reduce_Slash_Piles.09_12_2016.pdf (123.8 KiB, 568 hits)

Community Meeting Q&A (Aug. 2, 2016 Post-Fire/Forestry Meeting)

On August 2, 2016, 15 leaders from local, state and federal agencies as well as local community and human services organizations served on a panel during a community meeting in the Town of Nederland. The following summarizes the questions we heard at the meeting as well as the responses that were provided by all of the leaders serving on the panel. Questions taken in writing that were not answered at the meeting are answered here as well. The full 3-hour meeting was captured via live video. The recording can be seen on Facebook at Nederland Colorado Town Hall.

  Community Meeting Q&A (194.5 KiB, 481 hits)

Some of the links in the Q&A document do not work in that format. Links are provided again here:

  Community Meeting Panel Contacts (98.7 KiB, 533 hits)

  Post-Cold Springs Fire Action Plan (USFS) (82.4 KiB, 467 hits)

Big Springs Egress

The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) on August 9, 2016 approved an easement for egress from the Big Springs neighborhood to Magnolia Road, for use in the event of an emergency, most likely fire. The Commissioners included several conditions, including BOCC approval of a final route alignment, design and maintenance plan. The design and maintenance plan must take into account impacts to wildlife and other natural resources in the area. The Town will work on the design and maintenance plan with Boulder County Parks & Open Space and other staff, U.S. Forest Service representatives, and a design advisory team comprised of local residents.

  Agenda.Big_Springs_DAT_Meeting.01.25.2017.pdf (98.9 KiB, 351 hits)

  Big_Springs_Egress_-_Meeting_02_-_DAT_-_Agenda_and_Minutes_-_2016-11-14.pdf (226.1 KiB, 309 hits)

  Big_Springs_Egress_DAT_9-29-16_Meeting_Notes.pdf (76.3 KiB, 365 hits)

  Agenda_Big Springs Egress DAT Kick-off Meeting -- 09.29.2016 (99.7 KiB, 323 hits)

More information about the route and data considered in choosing the egress area is contained below.

  Proposed Big Springs Egress Route -- Doe Trail (344.9 KiB, 665 hits)

  Big_Springs_Egress_FAQs_Rev_9-30-16.pdf (98.8 KiB, 507 hits)

  Big Springs Egress Presentation (GIS) (3.1 MiB, 585 hits)

Background Information


Nederland’s annual Firewise Town Clean-up takes place each spring (typically late May/early June), starting at 8am and ending when the dumpsters are full.  The event collects recyclable materials, junk, and other items, as well as coordinating slash and duff pick-up and forest health awareness. Please note: this event is for Boulder County Residents only.  Proof of residency will be required, such as a tax statement, mortgage document, lease agreement or utility bill, showing a physical address.  A driver’s license will not count as proof of residency.
See below for information from a previous clean-up. Also below is FIREWISE’s Homeowner Tip Sheet which also includes links to help residents protect their homes from wildfires.  Information about disposing of pine needles can also be found on this document.

  Town_of_Nederland_Spring_Clean_Up_Flier.pdf (512.2 KiB, 2,156 hits)

  2013CleanupTipSheet.pdf (300.9 KiB, 1,458 hits)

The Firewise Toolkit can be found at

Nederland Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

The Nederland Community Wildfire Protection Plan, a cooperative effort of the Nederland Fire Protection District and the Town, was adopted by the Board of Trustees on April 19, 2011 by Resolution 2011-10.

  Resolution 2011-10 CWPP Adoption (53.1 KiB, 0 hits)

CWPP Available at Dropbox

Nederland Saws and Slaws

Saws and Slaws is a community based effort to promote healthy forests and reduce fire danger in our neighborhoods.  The program brings neighbors and volunteers together to do fire mitigation on a group of properties within a neighborhood during the morning of the event and then share food and company afterwards with an afternoon potluck : “Forestry and Food”!   It is a wonderful way to get to know your neighbors and build community.   After a morning of working side by side, participants get to look over their handiwork, see real progress towards reduced fire danger, and enjoy a summer afternoon gathering.

Click here to see more:

Boulder County Wildfire Mitigation Quick Checklist:

Boulder County Forest Health Outreach Wildfire Mitigation Quick Checklist

Nederland Community Sort Yard

Boulder County operates a sort yard at 291 Ridge Road. More information on the sort yard can be found at:

Wildfire mitigation ranges from cutting grass and moving flammable material away from your home to thinning trees and removing low branches to keep surface fires from climbing into the crowns. The town, county and state have developed guides for wild mitigation and pine beetle identification.

For mitigation resources, visit these pages:

  PROSAB Forest Health Brochure (337.6 KiB, 1,440 hits)

Bark Beetles

Have a larger impact, identify and remove trees infested with Pine Beetles. Each infested tree you properly remove can save 4-7 trees the following year and up to 50 trees the next! Take your slash and logs from the infested trees to the Sort Yard for proper disposal.

For more information on bark beetles, visit this page:

Boulder County Bark Beetle Field Guide

Click on this link for more information on forest health:

Check back here for news on upcoming neighborhood wildfire mitigation efforts.