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Envision 2030

In 2010, the Town of Nederland adopted Vision 2020, a planning document where through community feedback, Nederland identified goals for the Town of accomplish over a decade (2010 – 2020). As we head into the next decade, the Town is seeking to develop the Vision 2030 Action Plan. We encourage you to visit this site frequently for updated information on the Envision 2030 process.

Envision 2030 – Vision Statement, Goals & Objectives

Envision 2030 – Vision Statement, Goals & Objectives

Envision 2030 Public Outreach

Throughout the month of April 2021, the town staff will be seeking feedback from the community on the vision statement, goals, and objectives that have been identified by the Envision 2030 Advisory Committee. There are multiple ways for the public to be included. Watch this space as we add more ways to participate throughout the month!

In-Person and Virtual Public Charrettes

We encourage anyone that wishes to participate in shaping the future of Nederland to attend any charrettes that they so desire. In these charrettes, the vision, goals, and objectives of each subcommittee will be available for people to provide feedback, either verbally or through written comments.

For In-Person Charettes: Posters with the vision, goals, and objectives will be set up throughout the multi-purpose room at the Community Center for people to view, and provide either verbal or written feedback. These charettes will be held Saturday, April 10th at 5PM, and Tuesday, April 27th, at 6PM.
For Virtual Charettes: Attendees will be able to participate in a virtual gathering via Webex, where they can enter different rooms and interact with members of each separate subcommittee. Here, attendees will be able to ask questions and provide feedback. These charettes will be held Wednesday, April 7th at 6PM, Tuesday, April 13th at 6PM, and Saturday, April 24th, at 9AM.

Subcommittee-Specific Outreach Meetings

In addition to the charrettes, each subcommittee will have a virtual meeting so they can meet with the public to answer questions, acquire feedback, and go into more detail about the individual goals and objective for their subcommittee’s focus. The subcommittees – along with the respective visions – are:

  • Arts, Culture & Education (Friday, April 9th, 6PM)Celebrate our community’s creativity, natural and cultural resources while empowering lifelong learning
  • Community Engagement (Thursday, April 29th, 6PM)Community engagement fosters trust and encourages participation; it is inclusive, interactive, and results in innovative partnerships
  • Environmental Sustainability (Monday, April 19th, 6PM)Nederland is a model community for environmental sustainability. Our community is knowledgeable about how our everyday decisions impact the earth, we take action to mitigate adverse effects of climate change, and we are dedicated to conserve, preserve, protect, and restore our environment to foster a sustainable future that leads to social and economic improvements in our community
  • Health, Human & Social Services (Monday, April 26th, 6PM)In 2030, all Peak-to-Peak community residents will have accessible and affordable healthcare and human services
  • Housing (Friday, April 16th, 6PM)Housing will meet the social, economic, and environmental needs of the community. Encouraging housing that enhances and builds community, and providing opportunity for housing with dignity and a positive future for our residents
  • Municipal Government & Economic Development (Wednesday, April 21st, 6PM)Nederland’s government uses all the tools at its disposal to provide progressive and exemplary leadership and administration through transparency, creativity, dedication, and our responsiveness to the needs and goals of the entire community
  • Parks, Recreation & Open Space (Monday, April 12th, 6PM)Our community and its visitors enjoy ecologically sound and well-maintained parks, open space and trails with recreational and cultural services and facilities while protecting and enhancing the unique mountain ecosystem of which we are a part

An RSVP is REQUIRED for all Public Outreach Events. Please only RSVP to the meetings you wish to attend. To RSVP, please fill out the form below:

*A link to all virtual meetings will be emailed to those that RSVP prior to the meeting date.

Town Hall

If you’re unable to make it to any of the charettes, there’s still plenty of ways to get involved! With town hall opened back up to the public, you’re free to come down and ask for more information on Envision 2030. We’ve compiled a binder with much of the same information that will be available at the charettes. Anyone can come by any time from 9AM – 5PM, Monday through Friday, and request to look through the binder.

Due to COVID restrictions, we do ask that only one person enter town hall at a time. Masks must still be worn at all times in town hall.


We’ve created a video outlining all of the envision statements, goals, and objectives for each focus in Envision 2030, narrated by members of the community! Feel free to leave feedback, either on Youtube or through the feedback form at the bottom of the page!


Gather.Town is an online social site where users can create an avatar and interact with others in a virtual space. We’ve created our own Gather.Town for the residents to access information about Envision 2030. This space will work similarly to the public charettes, where each focus will have its own space explaining its goals and objectives. Users will be able to access this at any point in time, and can leave feedback directly in!

If you would like to check it out, go to to get started!

Envision 2030 Subcommittees

Arts, Culture & Education

  • Mary Jarril (Chair)
  • Deb D’Andrea
  • Dawn Baumhover

Community Engagement

  • Deb D’Andrea (Chair)
  • Mary Jarril
  • Kristopher Larsen

Health, Human & Social Services

  • Ari Goodman (Chair)
  • Tom Mahowald
  • Atashnaa Medicineshield Werner

Housing – Friday’s @ 5pm

  • Mary Jarril (Chair)
  • Kayla Evans
  • Ron Mitchell
  • Atashnaa Medicineshield Werner

Municipal Government & Economic Development

  • Tom Mahowald (Chair)
  • Kristopher Larsen
  • Ron Mitchell
  • Lee Stadele

Parks, Recreation & Open Space

  • Jill Dreves (Chair)
  • Karen Blakemore
  • Mary Jarril

Environmental Sustainability

  • Karen Blakemore (Chair)
  • Jill Dreves
  • Billy Giblin
  • Tom Mahowald

Envision 2030 Committee

In January 2021, Town established an Envision 2030 Advisory Committee that will help to develop the vision, values, guiding principles, major goals and specific objectives for the Vision 2030 action plan.

Committee Members include:

  • Boards & Commissions:
    • Mayor Kristopher Larsen (Board of Trustees)
    • Tom Mahowald (Board of Zoning Adjustment)
    • Ron Mitchell (Nederland Downtown Development Authority)
    • Atashnaa Medicineshield Werner (Parks, Recreation, Open Space Advisory Board)
    • Karen Blakemore (Planning Commission)
  • External Agencies:
    • Jill Dreves (Wild Bear Nature Center)
    • Ari Goodman (Center for People with Disabilities)
  • Community Members:
    • Deb DAndrea
    • Clara Draper
    • Kayla Evans
    • Billy Giblin
    • May Jarril
    • Lee Stadele

Meetings will be facilitated by Town staff and will occur bi-weekly through WebEx. Committee members will be assigned tasks to complete outside of the regular meetings, therefore the time commitment for being on the committee is approximately 2-4 hours per week.

Providing Feedback

Envision 2030 SWOT Responses

Interested to see how the community responded to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis? Click here!

Envision 2030 Committee Google Drive

Want to see what the Envision 2030 Advisory Committee is working on? Click here!