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Envision 2030

In 2010, the Town of Nederland adopted Vision 2020, a planning document where though community feedback, Nederland identified goals for the Town of accomplish over a decade (2010 – 2020). As we head into the next decade, the Town is seeking to develop Envision 2030 prior to the end of the year and are looking for your feedback!

Envision 2030 Community Engagement Kick-off Month

Community Feedback Responses

Board of Zoning Adjustment Envision 2030 Responses

Town staff will continuously update this webpage with the feedback received from the community outreach opportunities.  Please check back for more responses soon!

Strategic Planning Phases

To develop Envision 2030, the Town will  be using a following phased strategic planning approach:

ASSESSMENT PHASE (July – September 2020): Soliciting feedback from internal and external stakeholders.  

BASELINE PHASE (September 2020): Compiling all the feedback received from the community outreach sessions.

COMPONENTS PHASE (September 2020 – October 2020): The BOT and community will be tasked with working on the vision, values, guiding principles, major goals and specific objectives for Envision 2030.

SPECIFICS PHASE (November 2020 – December 2020): The BOT and community will develop the Envision 2030 action plan, including targets and standards of performance, performance measures, initiatives and projects.

 EVALUATION PHASE (Annual Assessment): Annually, the BOT will review the Envision 2030 action plan to review progress and take corrective action if necessary.