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Bridge and 4th St Water Outage Scheduled for 4/26/18

Nederland Public Works will be repairing a water valve at the intersection of Bridge St. and 3rd St.  Work will be done throughout the week in this area, but the actual repair will take place on Thursday, April 26th.  During the repair on April 26th, it will be necessary for water to be turned off to this area.  This will affect residents on Bridge St. between HWY 119 and 4th St. and also E. 4th St. Residents.  If your water service line ties into these locations you will lose water during the repairs.  It is possible the W 4th St. residents will also lose water during the repairs.

Residents in affected areas should be prepared for the water to be off between the hours of 7 am and 6 pm on April 26th.  Public Works staff hope that the repairs will go quickly and we will get the water turned back on as soon as possible.

Areas to be Impacted:

E 4th St

Bridge St between HWY 119 and 4th St.

Areas Possibly Impacted:

W 4th St.


Please call 303-258-3088 with questions and/or refer to the Town of Nederland’s Website for updates and associated road closures.