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Boulder County’s Climate Action Air Source Heat Pump Rebates

Join Boulder County’s Climate Action and retrofit or install your first Air Source Heat Pump! Comfort365 is a Boulder County EnergySmart service that provides a cleaner, more efficient, and comfortable option to heat and cool your home. This service helps you explore options for heating and cooling with renewable energy, connect with contractors, evaluate bids, and get access to any and all rebates available for your exciting project. Air Source Heat Pumps provide the following benefits:


  • Are highly efficient
  • Will dramatically enhance your comfort within your home
  • Clean and dehumidify your indoor air, creating a healthier home
  • Can be powered with renewable energy, lowering your personal carbon footprint
  • Increase resiliency for you and your loved ones as Colorado’s summers continue to get hotter
  • Offer quieter heating and cooling than your existing standard air conditioners or heaters
  • Allow for customized and flexible usage to each individual room or the whole house


Go to to learn more and take advantage of rebates today!