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Boulder County Electric Bike Discount Program

2018 Electric Bike Discount Program

Save Money and Enjoy Your Community By Bike!
There’s no better time to try out an electric bike for your commute, errands, and fun around town!  Benefits Boulder County is offering discounts on ebikes this July. Do yourself and the Earth a favor, ditch the car and try one out.

  • At least 10% off select brands and models at participating dealers
  • Choose from cargo, road, fat tire, and townie ebikes.
  • This is the last time the program will run and expires July 31, 2018 so act today!

Go to to learn more, sign up, and get your discount code!

About E-Bikes

E-Bikes are essentially bicycles with a pedal assist electric motor to make the ride more efficient, effective, and fun. This electric motor assists riders to go further faster, aiding them up hills, carrying groceries, and arriving to their destination without breaking a sweat. E-bikes have a variety of uses from leisure to commuting to hauling groceries and even your family. Connect with an authorized dealer to learn more and find a bike that fits your needs.

Program Successes:

Over the past 2 years, Benefits Boulder County and its partners have facilitated the sale of 123 discounted residential solar systems, 289 discounted electric vehicles, and over 280 discounted electric bikes to Boulder County residents and commuters.

Benefits Boulder County is a seasonal program which leverages the purchasing power of Boulder County residents to access discounts on technologies such as rooftop solar, electric cars and electric bikes. This program is led by Boulder County’s Sustainability Office in partnership with Boulder County municipalities. All vendors were chosen by a community selection committee.