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BOT-appointed Committee provides link to suggested code changes re: Short and LongTerm Rental

The Board of Trustees-appointed Committee to consider changes to the Nederland Municipal Code (NMC) pertaining to short and long term rental met for the first time last night. The Public is welcome to view the working document of suggested code changes in Google Docs found at this link:

There are no page numbers included in this very large document, however the slider bar will show the page number when scrolling through. Comments begin with Sec. 1-72. – General penalty for violation re: fees (aka Chapter 1), a comment in Sec. 2-226. – Contempt power (pertaining to Municipal Court) re: fees, and Chapter 4 ARTICLE VI Occupational Tax with a space-holder in that chapter potentially for Lodging Tax. The bulk of suggested edits can be found in Chapter 6 ‘Business Licenses and Regulations’ [especially pertaining to sections concerning Rental License/of Property], Chapter 7 ‘Health, Sanitation, and Animals’, Chapter 8 ‘Vehicles and Traffic’, Chapter 10 ‘General Offenses’ as well as Chapter 13 ‘Municipal Utilities’ and Chapter 16 ‘Zoning’ and definitions in Chapter 17 ‘Subdivisions’ and Chapter 18 ‘Building Regulations’.

Throughout the entire document there are proposed changes to the fee structures in many chapters. For those chapters/sections that directly pertain to short or long term rental, please focus upon Chapters 6, 13, and 16, especially the definitions sections of Chapters 6 and 16.

If members of the Public would like to participate during the process, please send your comments to Deputy Zoning Administrator (formerly Planning & Building Technician) Cynthia Bakke via email.

cynthiab (at symbol)