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2016 Budget

2014 Budget: Town of Nederland 2014 Budget
2015 Budget: Town of Nederland 2015 Budget
2016 Budget:


Town of Nederland Ballot Question 2C: Ballot Question 2C FAQs

The Nederland Board of Trustees has received $188,075 in discretionary spending requests for 2016. Discretionary spending represents spending that is not critical to basic government functions, and is typically requested for special projects or in support of community organizations and non-profits. Currently, the BOT has $10,000 in “Goodwill” funds and $8,925 in general funds to support these requests. As such, the BOT has only $18,925 to support $188,075 in requests. In order to best allocate these limited  funds in such a way that reflects the needs and interests of the community, the BOT is asking for public input. The document provided below contains all of the discretionary requests as well as the allocation recommendations of Town staff. Residents are encouraged to review this document and provide feedback on what requests they support. This feedback will assist the BOT when it reviews discretionary spending requests at its November 3 regular meeting. Residents can use the comment form provided on this page to share feedback or email

Discretionary Spending Requests: 2016 BOT Discretionary Requests

Discretionary Spending Requests for Sustainable Initiatives: Discretionary Requests for Sustainable Initiatives



  • Please share comments/feedback on discretionary spending here. Please remember this is a community forum. As such, we ask that users use common sense and keep all discussion civil and respectful. Thank you for participating in our 2016 Budget Process!

  • I agree that this was a monumental budgeting task and I believe it was well thought through. I am glad to see the continued support for those “tried and true” volunteer efforts. I was also glad to see that you deferred expenses on Performance Space. I can hear the music just fine up on Hurricane Hill without any additional help. As a member of EPAC, I was disappointed to see so little money earmarked for our important work, but it’s hard to argue with your recommendation since other important work, like the Climb didn’t get anything. Nicely done.

  • I think you did a great job sorting out what can be funded from discretionary and goodwill funds. I am curious about why recommendations from PROSAB, which is a citizen board appointed by BOT to recommend town improvements, do not go through the regular budget process instead of trying to compete with goodwill claims. Same with Town office improvements.
    The “Performance Space” seems to have appeared in the process out of nowhere a couple of year ago without public review ; we have better things to do with that money.

    Finally, it’s possible to establish a ‘Nederland Fund” under the aegis of the Community Foundation for Boulder County that would fund things like 4th of July fireworks, Food Pantry, Skatepark etc. It takes $25K to start the fund, which seems attainable. Then the money gets allocated by a citizen advisory committee, not by the BOT. This would relieve the BOT & staff from the perennial anguish of allocating sparse funds to so many supplicants.

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