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A ‘Work Session’ regarding Short Term Rentals will follow tonight’s BOT meeting. What is a Work Session?

A ‘Work Session’ is an open meeting (public is welcome to attend) in which the Board of Trustees can discuss a specific topic of interest as a board, but can not make any action or take public comments. According to the Town of Nederland Municipal Code, a Work Session (also known as a Special Meeting) is described as follows:
Sec. 2-52. – Special meetings.

(a) Special meetings shall be called by the Town Clerk on the request of the Mayor or any two (2) members of the Board of Trustees on at least forty-eight (48) hours’ written notice to each member of the Board of Trustees and the Town Administrator, served personally or left at such person’s usual place of residence. Said notice shall indicate the business to be performed at such special meeting. If any member shall have moved from the Town and shall be a nonresident thereof, no notice shall be required. Any Trustee may waive notice of the meeting, and a Trustee’s presence shall constitute waiver of notice of the meeting.

(b) No business shall be transacted at any special meeting of the Board of Trustees unless the same has been stated in the notice of such meeting unless otherwise determined by unanimous vote of those members present.

The intention of the August 7th Work Session following the Board of Trustees meeting is to discuss Short Term Rentals (STR). Items to be reviewed and discussed:
  • BOT DRAFT Minutes from 7.17.2018 (included earlier in the packet)
  • DRAFT STR Ordinance endorsed by PC at June meeting
  • DRAFT STR Ordinance from May PC meeting packet for comparison
  • PC DRAFT Minutes from 6.27.2018
  • Ordinance 785 to Permit and Regulate ADUs
  • Sample Nederland Good Neighbor Agreement
  • Sample Nederland STR Self-Inspection Form
  • Letters of Support and Opposition from the Public
  • STR Nederland Listings Report from April 2018

Additional details regarding the August 7th Work Session:  AIM STR Work Session Aug 7 2018