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2018 Residential Utility Late Charge Deadlines

Please note that the due dates to avoid late charges has changed.  Although the change was approved effective 01/01/2018, the first implementation will be with the 1st Qtr 2018 bill (service period 01/17 thru 04/13).  Payments need to be received in Town Hall before close of business (5pm) to be considered on time (regardless of postmark date).

Late Charges (5% of unpaid balance) will be assessed on:

Day 30 (after mail date/postmark on bill to customer)

Day 50

Day 70

If a balance remains on Day 70, a $75 administrative fee will be assessed and the service address will be posted with a Shut-Off Notice (red tag).  Customer will have 15 calendar days to make payment in full, with cash or certified funds only.

Day 85 – If balance remains unpaid, water service will be discontinued.

These changes pertain to the Residential Quarterly Billings only.