Xeriscape Gardening Saves Water at High Altitudes

It’s planting season!  This year when you are planning your garden, please consider planting water friendly native plants or xeric plants.  These plants save time and money because, once they are established, they can be sustained on natural rainfall.  Even in the Colorado high country!

Xeriscaping is an easy, environmentally friendly way to save money on your water bill.  Their beautiful blooms that won’t cost you an arm and leg to maintain. Many of these plants have more than just a pretty face.  They can be used in soaps and shampoos, used to make medicines and balms, and of course attract beautiful butterflies and bees.

The Town of Nederland has had great success with plants like: Native Blue Flax, Smooth Aster, Wild Geranium, Blanket flower, Blue Penstemon, Native Bee Balm, Desert four o’clock, and many more. Stop by the Town Hall information board to see examples of plants and learn more.

For a link to more plants and information please email Nicki Dunn, Town of Nederland Parks Lead Technician, at nickid@nederlandco.org/