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Published on 01/7/18 4:35 PM

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1 72018-01-17 01:46:35
valleyview & big springs
Road sign at Valleyview and Big Springs was hit by car and is knocked over.
2 82018-01-17 18:32:54
Town bridge - 119
Please replace the lights on the bridge already, good grief. 
3 122018-01-25 18:36:08
0 Coulson St. 
Abandoned and inoperable car and trailer. Have been sitting abandoned for nearly a year.
4 142018-01-30 18:06:28
274 W Spring St
willson aerial.png
The property owner is building permanent structures on public property.  The town (or county) requires setbacks from the property line - measured from the middle of the street - but this property owner has built well past his own property line - literally into the street.  This is encroachment, and it is a serious violation against the people of Nederland.   Please enforce this most basic principle of real estate law. 
5 312018-03-02 19:58:13
E-Charging parking
Hello, I am a disabled resident of Gilpin Cty, but do most of my shopping in Ned. I would like to know the legal basis you have for designating that one parking spot by the visitor center as a "only for e-car's" and also the legal basis for collecting fines when others do. Handicapped parking is often full with cars w/o placard, yet I have NEVER seen it being enforced, but the one time we park in the e-spot for 5 minutes (with a handicapped placard because it was full again), we got a ticket. Please provide me with proper laws showing the Nederland police has a right to arbitrarily designate that spot and collect fines or refer to someone who might. Thank you kindly. Angelika Sabine
6 402018-03-11 14:28:41
788 w. 4th st.  no water for 3 days really?
no water!
7 432018-03-13 22:49:16
East First Street
We need a speed limit sign, please.
8 502018-03-23 04:09:54
540 Lakeview Drive
Non-functional car on the street for approximately 2 years.
9 672018-04-07 23:25:35
west side of 9 Navajo trail, house is Gray with Red trim
speed limit sign post is rotted and broken.  The sign is laying on the side of the road  still attached to the post.  Please repair when you get some time.