Task Force on Building Code Updates

The Mayor directed on Feb. 18, 2014 that a Mayor’s Task Force review and make recommendations related to the updating of the Town’s building codes. The Town is currently under the 2006 International Code Council building code and is considering moving to the 2012 codes. Members were compiled from the various trades, with advisement from staff of the Town and the Nederland Fire Protection District.

Members include:
Ken Bradley, electrician
Debbie Davenport, architect
Jeff Fruth, builder
Valentine Gane, builder
Steven Roszell, builder
Mark Stringfellow, builder
Stephen Taylor, builder
Rich Tillotson, builder
Alisha Reis, Town staff

On advisement:
Rick Dirr, Fire Chief
Jason Morrison, Public Works Manager
Mark Weritz, Town engineering/geotechnical
Chad Johnson, building official (SAFEbuilt)

All meetings of the group are now complete. The Task Force will submit its recommendations to the Board of Trustees for review at the Board meeting of July 15, 2014.

  Recommendations of the Mayor's Task Force on Building Code Updates (150.1 KiB, 1,182 hits)

The Task Force met on the following dates to discuss the items below:

  • Target to present recommendations to the Board of Trustees – Tuesday, July 15. The group’s work would be officially complete at this time.
  • Thursday, June 26 Wrap up: Overall considerations/recommendations to BOT, including ideas for streamlining building permit services in Town
  • Thursday, June 12 Hillside development/drainage/grading/erosion control/driveway standards/general geotech codes & permit requirements
  • Thursday, May 29 ANSI/Mechanical/Fuel Gas/Plumbing/Electrical Codes
  • Thursday, May 15 IECC (energy code) – should we remain at 2009 or move to 2012, including mechanical ventilation discussion
  • Thursday, May 1 Wildfire/fire resistant materials and mitigation/Fire Code discussion
  • Thursday, April 17 IBC/IRC codes, including sprinkler discussion
  • Thursday, April 3 How does the Comprehensive Plan contribute to the building code updates, including land use/zoning issues & code enforcement


  Building Codes/Final Recommendations Agenda June 26, 2014 (87.7 KiB, 443 hits)

  Building Codes Agenda June 10, 2014 (67.5 KiB, 455 hits)

  Building Codes Agenda May 29, 2014 (88.9 KiB, 466 hits)

  Building Codes/IEEC Agenda May 15, 2014 (88.9 KiB, 0 hits)

  Building Codes/Fire Codes Agenda May 1, 2014 (88.9 KiB, 621 hits)

  Building Codes/IBC/IRC Agenda April 17, 2014 (122.2 KiB, 1,106 hits)

  Building Codes/Comprehensive Plan Agenda April 3, 2014 (122.6 KiB, 494 hits)

  Building Codes Agenda March 13, 2014 (132.4 KiB, 564 hits)