The budget for the Town of Nederland is adopted each year in December by the Board of Trustees. Before adoption, the Board holds public hearings about the budget as an opportunity to receive public input and comment.  Notices of these hearings are posted at all usual Town notice locations; additionally they are published in the local newspaper. Under State law, the Town must maintain a balanced budget; in other words, “deficit spending” is not permitted at the Municipal level.   The budget is always available online and at Town Hall for public review.

Annual Budget

  2017 Budget (3.3 MiB, 115 hits)

  2016 Budget (2.8 MiB, 366 hits)

  2015 Budget (3.0 MiB, 0 hits)

  2014 Budget (3.6 MiB, 842 hits)

  2013 Budget (1.6 MiB, 825 hits)

  2012 Budget (3.4 MiB, 876 hits)

  2011 Budget (1.5 MiB, 978 hits)

  2010 Budget (1.6 MiB, 903 hits)

For more information about the budget, please contact Town Hall at (303) 258-3266.

Recent Years’ Audits

  Town of Nederland Financial Audit - 2015 (445.3 KiB, 99 hits)

  Town of Nederland Financial Audit - 2014 (379.3 KiB, 0 hits)

  Town of Nederland Financial Audit - 2013 (401.6 KiB, 507 hits)

  Town of Nederland Financial Audit - 2012 (529.4 KiB, 580 hits)

  Town of Nederland Financial Audit - 2011 (486.2 KiB, 609 hits)

  Town of Nederland Final Audit - 2010 (1.8 MiB, 920 hits)

  Town of Nederland Final Audit - 2009 (984.1 KiB, 779 hits)

  Town of Nederland Final Audit - 2008 (910.1 KiB, 859 hits)

Water/Sewer Rates Study

In the summer of 2014, the Town embarked on a study to review the Town’s water and sewer rates as well as the Town’s Plant Investment Fees (PIFs). After a request for proposal was issued, the Town hired Raftelis Financial Consultants for this study.  The rates for water and sewer as well as PIFs are based on this study.

  Water and Wastewater Services Rate Study (488.4 KiB, 1,040 hits)