Check Out Nederland’s Updated Snow Policy and FAQs

With snow in the forecast for today, it’s a good time to review the Town of Nederland’s updated Snow Policy and FAQs. This page includes information such as:

  • The conditions and times in which plowing will commence
  • A map of Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary plow routes
  • Regulations regarding yielding to snow plows
  • Contact information for assistance with snow removal for the elderly and those physically unable to shovel
  • Regulations regarding parking on town roads during times of heavy snowfall

Mountain living isn’t always easy, but it’s the lifestyle we’ve chosen. Thank you for your help and cooperation!

Due to the election, the BOT meeting is moving to November 5th!

Good Morning. Just a friendly reminder that the BOT approved moving the November 6th meeting to November 5th due to the election. The meeting will take place at 7pm in the theater at the Community Center. The main agenda topic is the 2019 Budget Hearing.

We are unable to live stream the November 5th meeting. A recording will be made for public consumption on Civic Web.

Flushing Hydrants in the Big Springs Neighborhood

The Utilities Staff will be flushing hydrants in the Big Springs neighborhood this week. We flush hydrants annually to help maintain the best water quality possible.

During this time, residents may notice a slight decrease in water pressure or discoloration of water. Water discoloration results from temporary disturbances of the normal water flow within our piping network. These short-term changes in flow can stir up naturally occurring minerals and sediment that settle within the water mains. The objective of the water main/hydrant flushing program is to remove these accumulated sediments from our pipes by flushing the water out of the fire hydrants.

If water discoloration does occur, customers should try to refrain from using hot water (for washing laundry, etc.) and run their cold-water faucets until the water appears clear.

If you should have any questions or concerns during this time, please contact the Utilities Department at 303-258-3088.

Thank you for your cooperation during this important water quality process.

Construction on the Expansion of Waste Water Treatment Facility Begins This Month

Check the Wastewater page for ongoing updates on the expansion of the Waste Water Treatment Facility, provided by Nederland Public Works Manager Chris Pelletier, CWP.

For several years Nederland has been planning the expansion of the Waste Water Treatment Facility to reduce operational costs and eliminate the remaining sludge pond. In June 2018, voters approved to allow Nederland to borrow $2 million to fund this facility upgrade. Because of the efficiency of the proposed facility upgrade, Staff was able to secure a 0% interest loan. Additionally, the Town of Nederland received a grant for $950,000. At the October 16, 2018 Board of Trustees meeting, a contract with Fischer Construction Inc. was approved to begin construction. With funds secured and a construction contract in place, residents will begin to see construction activities at the Waste Water Treatment Facility starting end of October 2018. Please contact Chris with any questions at (303) 258-3167.