Ordinances are municipal laws enacted by the Town Board of Trustees. An ordinance requires one reading before the Board of Trustees.  The ordinance is introduced and presented to the Board of Trustees by Town staff.   The Mayor asks for public comment on the issue (this is the public hearing portion).  An ordinance requires approval of a majority of those members present for adoption, and it becomes law 30 days after it is published.  An emergency ordinance requires the approval of two-thirds of the entire Board to be adopted, and it becomes law immediately upon adoption.  Ordinances are incorporated into the Nederland Municipal Code with each publication of the Code.

Downloadable versions of recently passed ordinances that are not included in the current online version of the Nederland Municipal Code are available below.  Any ordinance not listed below is available from the Town Clerk at 303.258.3266, ext. 23.

  Ordinance 741 annexing land for the Town Public Works Yard (385.4 KiB, 18 hits)

  Ordinance 739 amending the Zoning for Retail Marijuana Cultivation (Residential) (274.3 KiB, 155 hits)

  Ordinance 738 amending the Zoning map (193.3 KiB, 200 hits)

  Ordinance 737 amending Chapter 7 of NMC adding Article VII concerning Waste Management (568.8 KiB, 180 hits)

  Ordinance 736 Amending Chapter 7 of the Nederland Municipal Code concerning Noxious Weeds (269.5 KiB, 455 hits)

  Ordinance 735 Approving the lease of a portion of the Visitor Center Parking Lot Area to NMSHS (88.0 KiB, 406 hits)

  Ordinance 734 Clarifying the vacation of portions of West 4th and North Tilden Streets (260.4 KiB, 452 hits)

  Ordinance 733 to amend Sections 7-1 and 7-35 concerning Inoperable Vehicles (146.0 KiB, 552 hits)

  Ordinance 732 to amend Section 2-273 concerning Planning Commission membership (116.1 KiB, 527 hits)

  Ordinance 731 amending NMC Subsection 10-222E concerning False Alarm Service Charges (200.6 KiB, 514 hits)

  Ordinance 730 to amend BRETSA and NMC Section 5-81 (216.9 KiB, 1,085 hits)

  Ordinance 729 authorizing Town Clerk to cancel an election and requiring an Affidavit of Intent for Write-in Candidates (117.4 KiB, 629 hits)

  Ordinance 728 referring to the electors a ballot question regarding compensation for Mayor and Trustees (152.8 KiB, 1,057 hits)

  Ordinance 727 to amend Ordinance 720 regarding limits on marijuana sold to out of state residents (121.9 KiB, 630 hits)