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The Town of Nederland Biosolids Project Notice of a Public Forum

This April, the Town of Nederland is asking voters to accept debt and approve the Town’s pursuit of a loan for the amount of $2 million to support operations at Nederland’s Waste Water Treatment Facility. It has become increasingly urgent to develop a process to stabilize operational costs. The town currently trucks excess waste away and stores the remaining amount in an onsite storage pond. The cost to truck and store waste continues to rise and the town recognizes that future costs will be unsustainable and result in unpredictable rate increases. Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) has mandated that the onsite pond be re-lined under suspicions that it leaks. This would come at an estimated cost of nearly $500,000 and still result in the practice of trucking and storing waste. Additionally, odor violations from storing waste on-site can bring about fines of up to $15,000 per day. This is recognized as an unacceptable burden to the Town’s rate payers.

The proposed loan will support a project designed to break waste down further and reduce hauling by 90%. This project will also eliminate the pond and the need to reline it. The estimated cost of the project is $2 million. The town is pursuing a grant for the amount of $950,000 to off-set the cost of the loan and reduce the Town’s debt. The purpose of this project is to stabilize future budgets and reduce the burden on the Town’s users. Staff and Engineers have spent several years studying and developing a plan for the most sustainable method to efficiently treat waste and reduce overall cost. Please support this effort in April as Staff works to reduce your costs. Staff will hold a public forum to discuss this important project the last January 31st, March 1st, and March 29th between 7 pm and 8 pm at the Nederland Community Center. Staff invites residents to stop by and learn more about this effort. If you have any questions feel free to contact Public Works Manager, Chris Pelletier at 303-258-3167


Boulder County now accepting applications for 2018 Artist-in-Residence Program at Caribou Ranch

Online applications will be accepted until Feb. 15

Boulder County, Colo. – The Parks & Open Space Department is now accepting applications for the 2018 Artist-in-Residence Program at Caribou Ranch Open Space. Online applications will be accepted until Thursday, Feb. 15.

The program provides an opportunity for artists to pursue their work in the inspiring landscape and history of Caribou Ranch.

Musicians, painters, illustrators, photographers, visual/film artists, sculptors, performers, poets, writers, composers, and crafts/artisans are all welcome to apply. Each year, from July through September, selected artists will stay in the historic DeLonde Barn at Caribou Ranch Open Space for up to seven days. By sharing their art with Boulder County, artists can add to residents’ enjoyment of their open space lands and create a legacy of art preserved for future generations.

The open space property offers a variety of landscapes to explore including streams, waterfalls, forests, and beautiful vistas. Moose, elk, black bears, beavers, bats, and nearly 90 species of birds live within or pass through the area. Also found on the property is the Blue Bird Mine complex where miners from the 1870s to the 1960s extracted silver ore. In the early 1900s, the site was a whistle stop for the Denver, Boulder & Western Railroad.

For more information, program guidelines, and an online application, visit the department’s webpage at or contact Pascale Fried at or 303-678-6201.

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# IdSubmit DateEnter A LocationAttach a photo (optional)Description
1 197 2018-10-04 13:51:40
750 w. 5th st. 
Would it be possible for the town to pick up the remaining bits and pieces of the Old Town Shop (i.e. the green desk)? It seems to be a magnet for junk, there is now a growing pile. Thank you. 
2 196 2018-10-03 13:04:25
196 Big Springs Drive
Please clean out the culvert along the road at 196 Big Springs.  Runoff from the rains over the last several years have completely blocked the culvert & water now runs into the road & is causing road damage. I discussed this with Chris from the Town about a week ago & he requested I set up a work order.  I had requested this months ago through the town website, but he never received any notice.
3 143 2018-07-23 18:11:22
Peakview and Valleyview intersection
The yield sign at the intersection of Valleyview and Peakview was knocked down almost 2 years ago.  I have put in 3 requests in the past to replace - there is still no yield sign.  With all the vacation rentals in the area the town is asking for a lawsuit when some unfamiliar driver causes an accident.
4 123 2018-07-10 15:46:06
Barker Rd. 
There has been a garbage pile in the driveway, the first house on the right on Barker Rd. in Big Springs. I have come upon dogs in the pile. Several cars parked in the road last night on a blind corner as they could not park in the driveway. Could someone talk to the residents there and let encourage them to pick up the garbage, and not park on the blind corner making driving by sketchy? Thank you. 
5 122 2018-07-09 14:06:10
750 W. 5th st/Old Town Shop Site
Since the building has come down people have taken to sleeping in their vehicles that they are parking on w. 5th st. It's a bit disconcerting having random people sleeping in the neighborhood and it doesn't seem like an appropriate place for this. I'm not sure of the regulations about this but it would be great if some no parking/camping signs could be put up.  Thank you and it's best to reach me via email. I'd be interested to know if this is type of thing is acceptable. 
6 112 2018-06-30 20:28:11
Forest Road needs to be grated. Too many potholes in road
Too many potholes on Foest Road. It needs to be grated
7 110 2018-06-28 13:00:42
Shopping Center
Hi - Caribou Shopping center has some aggressive thistle growing in the water ditch along Big Springs road. I see the town spraying is scheduled, so maybe this could be pulled.Thanks!
8 109 2018-06-26 19:45:31
391 West First St, Ned
When Over the Rainbow relocated to 391West First Street as Aspen Grove daycare center, much to the dismay of many nearby residents, there were several agreements made between the Town, the daycare center, and the neighbors.  As a neighbor of the daycare center I see first hand the broken promises.  First and foremost, is the agreement to not use Middle Caribou Street for the daycare access.  This was agreed upon for a number of reasons. I'm sure that you can go back into the records to see the list of reasons. Signs are posted, yet I still see the patrons and more so, the employees utilizing Middle Caribou Street access.  In fact, it is my opinion that the employees are the worst offenders. At one point, I was told that the patrons had to sign an agreement to not utilize Middle Caribou St.  It seems to me that the employees should be setting an example to the other patrons and to the children on how to obey rules.The other broken promise previously agreed upon, was that no school busses would be utilizing the road, either West First or Middle Caribou.  We were told that since Aspen Grove was not a public school (in fact it is a daycare center), the public busses had no business going up there and if children needed to go there after school their parents could drop them off or the daycare staff would walk to the bus and meet the children.  Might I add, that the full length busses come down the middle of Middle Caribou around the blind curve which is basically only a single lane.  Over the years I have written several letters to the Town, usually to Alisha.  Now that she is no longer there I hope that you can honor the agreements that were previously made in the name of the Town of Nederland and put an end to this ongoing saga.  I would encourage you to review the minutes from the town meetings which eventually did allow the relocation of Over the Rainbow daycare to West First St and renamed as Aspen Grove.Thank you for your time.Lynn Abrams519 Hwy 72Ned
9 105 2018-06-13 16:46:05
West 1st street (between Bryant house & Aspen Grove preschool
The road that runs on the south side of the RTD is being used a lot more and people are “flying” up and down it. We am concerned  that an accident will occur at the end of the street  at the crossroads because there is no Stop sign there. Between the dangers of an accident, children, dog walkers, and dust kick up, there needs to be speed limit signs and a stop sign.  It would be good to have one stop sign going east at intersection of Jackson & West 1st.  Also two 15mph speed limit signs midway up West 1st between the Bryant house and the preschool applying to each direction, East & West. Our neighbor, Mark Meyertons, is also concerned about this issue.
10 103 2018-06-11 00:06:23
Big Springs Park - Fallen Trees
Hi Town - this is for Niki. Big Springs Park has many fallen trees and one very large, cracked tree (see photo) that is a danger of falling and could be dangerous. We know you have lots of priorities, but maybe getting into Big Springs Park on the north side of the reservoir to chainsaw some of the fallen trees and the large standing one, can be one of the summer projects. Thanks! 
11 102 2018-06-10 23:53:05
Big Springs Park
The neighbors near Big Springs Park kindly request an ordinance sign (similar to the image attached) near the woods/park along the north side of the reservoir due to the regular trash left in the area. Thank you.
12 100 2018-06-05 15:39:08
Big Springs Roads
Hi there!  The roads in Big Springs are a mess of potholes and  full of washboard.  This seems to be an ongoing issue.  Once you fix it, it reverts right back to the back conditions.  Can you please regrade and consider paving busy sections?  Traffic has picked up in the past few years and the roads need a better solution than always regrading.  It's terrible.
13 99 2018-06-04 15:19:49
13 Navajo Trl
speed limit sign not in ground.  Currently propped up against tree.  Please follow up via email
14 88 2018-05-07 13:04:34
196 Big Springs Drive
The culvert along the road at 196 Big Springs Drive is completely packed with dirt. This makes prevents water from following the drainage along the side of the road. The backed up water flows into the road which has caused pot holes filled with water and overall degredation of the road.  Please clear the culvert so that the roadside drainage is restored.
15 82 2018-04-29 16:26:16
Roundabout through to turnoff to Band F Market
I am wondering why it takes so long to repair the main road through Nederland.  The roundabout has been in disrepair for over a month.  The road through town is a mess of potholes.  Is there no way to repair these problems in a timely manner?  Not only is it a hazard for our cars, but it reflects badly on our community.
16 67 2018-04-07 23:25:35
west side of 9 Navajo trail, house is Gray with Red trim
speed limit sign post is rotted and broken.  The sign is laying on the side of the road  still attached to the post.  Please repair when you get some time. 
17 50 2018-03-23 04:09:54
540 Lakeview Drive
Non-functional car on the street for approximately 2 years.
18 43 2018-03-13 22:49:16
East First Street
We need a speed limit sign, please.
19 40 2018-03-11 14:28:41
788 w. 4th st.  no water for 3 days really?
no water!
20 31 2018-03-02 19:58:13
E-Charging parking
Hello, I am a disabled resident of Gilpin Cty, but do most of my shopping in Ned. I would like to know the legal basis you have for designating that one parking spot by the visitor center as a "only for e-car's" and also the legal basis for collecting fines when others do. Handicapped parking is often full with cars w/o placard, yet I have NEVER seen it being enforced, but the one time we park in the e-spot for 5 minutes (with a handicapped placard because it was full again), we got a ticket. Please provide me with proper laws showing the Nederland police has a right to arbitrarily designate that spot and collect fines or refer to someone who might. Thank you kindly. Angelika Sabine
21 14 2018-01-30 18:06:28
274 W Spring St
willson aerial.png
The property owner is building permanent structures on public property.  The town (or county) requires setbacks from the property line - measured from the middle of the street - but this property owner has built well past his own property line - literally into the street.  This is encroachment, and it is a serious violation against the people of Nederland.   Please enforce this most basic principle of real estate law. 
22 12 2018-01-25 18:36:08
0 Coulson St. 
Abandoned and inoperable car and trailer. Have been sitting abandoned for nearly a year.
23 8 2018-01-17 18:32:54
Town bridge - 119
Please replace the lights on the bridge already, good grief. 
24 7 2018-01-17 01:46:35
valleyview & big springs
Road sign at Valleyview and Big Springs was hit by car and is knocked over.



Nederland Snow Policy and FAQ’s

Greetings from The Town of Nederland Public Works’ Snow Removal and Maintenance Team!

The Town of Nederland receives many inquiries about Nederland’s snow plowing policy and the reasoning behind the determinations made with regard to plowing operations. To respond to the concerns and challenges from previous years regarding snow removal, we are establishing a new policy that requires your participation. It is our hope that this will answer some common plowing questions.

The Town of Nederland has guidelines that determine when plow drivers are out. Please be aware that snow removal operations are extremely demanding of trucks and machinery, and sometimes machinery breaks down. Plowing is not always a quick process either.

  • Plowing operations will not commence early unless there is at least 4 inches of snow on the ground, which is measured at the Town Shop.
    • The measurement is made at 3 am, followed by the determination of whether or not plow drivers will be dispatched at 4am.
    • If less than 4 inches on the ground, there may be plowing and sanding in critical areas only.
      • Critical areas are areas where even a little snow can cause a dangerous condition, to include school bus routes or any other area we feel needs extra attention.
  • Plowing will start at 4am and continue until no later than 8pm, unless the storm requires extended plowing hours to keep emergency routes open.
  • When plowing, drivers have Primary, Secondary, and tertiary routes. Please refer to the snow plowing map at the bottom of this page. This map also shows those critical areas that may get sanded and plowed if less than 4 inches of snow, as well as CDOT’s and Boulder County’s responsibilities.
    • Primary routes are determined as those routes most frequently used/heavily trafficked and along school bus and emergency routes.
    • Secondary routes are collector roads or handle less traffic.
    • Tertiary routes are always going to be the last areas hit by plows which include cul de sacs.
  • Public Works has a protocol to clear the roads most efficiently, which necessitates keeping plow blades turned outward and making a single pass in each direction to open up the whole road at one time. o Public Works is not capable of meeting special requests such as clearing driveway entrances, turning plow blades, staying certain distances from parked cars, or increase/decrease of speeds in certain areas.
  • Damage to paved driveways that extend into the Town’s right-of-way are not the town’s responsibility.
  • Damage to vehicles parked within the Town’s right-of-way during any snow event are not the town’s responsibility.
    • Parking a vehicle within the Town’s right-of-way is prohibited per Article 3, Sec. 8-41 Snow Emergency Routes, therefore the burden of assuring safe parking is upon the vehicle owner.

General Considerations:

Public Works understands that snow events major and minor can be an inconvenience, but we do live in an area with an average snowfall of 140 inches per year (Western Regional Climate Center), with high winds and snow drifts.

  • Nederland’s small plowing crew and older equipment can necessitate a focus upon the main arteries, and will require extra time to address other areas. Please bear in mind that the level of service the town is able to provide is not on par with CDOT, Boulder County, or the City of Boulder.

Mountain living is not always easy, but it is the lifestyle we have chosen.

  • The citizens of Nederland need to bear some responsibility to ensure safe transit as well. Choosing a vehicle suited to winter driving conditions and/or appropriate tires, allowing extra commute time, maintaining patience and respect for other drivers as well as our dedicated plow drivers can help make the winter driving experience less stressful overall.

Snow is a normal aspect of mountain living for much of the year.

  • Expect delays and plan ahead, for everyone’s safety.

Nederland is growing and the needs of the town are growing as well.

  • We often hear, “That’s not how they used to do things!” When the population was smaller, there was an effort to meet individual requests around plowing. This is no longer an option. The intention of this policy is to educate and attempt to provide equal treatment for all residents.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    1. I am a volunteer firefighter and sometimes have to leave on short notice. Why can’t the plow drivers turn the plow away from my driveway to ensure a faster response?

    Although we have much respect for all volunteers and first responders in Nederland we cannot turn the plow for people to keep their driveways clear. It is the responsibility of the home owner to keep the end of their driveway clear and the responsibility of Town plow drivers to keep the road clear. Providing this service to one person means we have to provide the same to all residents. Keeping plows turned to the right at all times is the most efficient and safest way to plow roads and is the only way Nederland’s plow drivers will plow the Towns roads.

    1. I am elderly and physically unable to shovel the end of my driveway and cannot afford to pay someone to do this for me. Shouldn’t the Town do this for me since they put the snow there?

    It is not financially feasible for the Town to do this, and past experience has illustrated that some residents tried to take advantage of the service. Nederland residents can contact Ice Busters, a volunteer snow removal group at 303-443-1933 ext. 416.

    1. I live at the end of a Cul-de-sac; sometimes a plow may not come by until late morning. Can’t the plows hit my road first for once?

    Plow routes are set up by Primary, Secondary, and tertiary roads. Cul-de-sacs are a tertiary route. The road your cul-de-sac empties onto is a Primary or Secondary road. Primary roads handle heavy traffic or are school bus or emergency routes. Secondary are collector routes or handle smaller volumes of traffic but, may still have a school bus stop. Tertiary routes, usually only service the people who live on them and are usually a short distance to a plowed road. The Nederland Fire Department has a plow truck to provide access in the event of an emergency.

    1. I was heading to work in a hurry, and there was a plow truck as I came around the corner. The driver did not yield, so I had to go around it and almost went into a ditch. It really scared me and I wonder why the driver didn’t yield to me?

    Plow equipment can be very difficult to drive and with multiple functions operating simultaneously. Plow drivers are often running the plow, sander, and trying to keep forward momentum, especially uphill. Uphill traffic always has the right of way. For large trucks with plows or large machinery this is a courtesy we cannot always provide as losing momentum can cause a plow truck to get stuck. When a plow truck gets stuck, it requires a minimum of 2 plow drivers to pull the vehicle out. Challenging plow equipment is dangerous for everyone! Plow trucks may be encountered on town roads at any time during and after a storm, and depending on conditions, may necessitate clean up for several weeks. Always allow the driver plenty of space and extra transit time to get to your destination during winter driving conditions.

    1. Why isn’t every member of the Public Works department out plowing during a storm?

    The Town only employs seven people in the Public Works department. Two employees are dedicated to ensure Town has clean drinking water and proper wastewater processing, which is a full time job to keep up with state standards. This leaves 5 employees to plow over a sixteen-hour timeframe. Three drivers begin at 4am with 2 other employees starting at noon, who work until 8pm. At times, drivers will work a 12-hour shift, so that with an overlap of schedules there may be up to 5 drivers out for a few hours. Snow plowing is extremely hard on equipment and machinery breaks down. If a vital piece of plowing equipment fails, it will need to be fixed. Employees also get sick or take time off to deal with personal issues or are scheduled to attend training. Please remember that the Town of Nederland has limited resources and a small staff who appreciate your patience and the understanding that we are doing everything we can.

    1. I drive a two wheel drive car that gets stuck in my driveway when it snows. I park on the road during storms, but am afraid a plow will hit my car. Can’t drivers be careful of my car and/or not pile snow in the parking spot when my car is not there?

    Please be aware that parking on town roads during a snow storm or with any accumulation of snow in excess of six (6) inches, whether due to falling, drifting or blowing snow is prohibited, as specified within the Nederland Municipal Code, Sec. 8-41 “No Parking or stopping along snow routes”. NMC, Sec. 8-21 “Parking prohibited where” also prohibits parking on any public street, alley or any public way that has less than 26 feet of open and maintained width. Parking vehicles on Town roads creates obstacles that drivers must plow around and increased potential for damaging maintenance equipment or your car. Vehicular damage incurred due to disregard of Town codes is not the Town’s responsibility, nor will damage be covered by the Town’s insurance. Be aware this is a hazardous situation for plow drivers. Plow drivers cannot be responsible for the choice of where you park.