Author: Hope Jordan

News From Marshall Larry Johns: BoCo Exapanding Fire Bans

Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests expand Stage 1 Fire Restrictions

(June 12, 2018) – Stage 1 Fire Restrictions are expanding on the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest to include all National Forest System lands all of the Clear Creek and Boulder Ranger Districts due to a forecast of continuing dry and warm conditions and in support of additional counties enacting fire restrictions.

The Forest Service works closely with counties, monitors conditions as they change and continually evaluates with cooperators the need for additional fire restrictions.

Stage 1 fire restrictions limit where and what type of activities and fires visitors may have. The Restrictions remain in place until they are rescinded or reach their expiration date. Within the fire restriction area on National Forest System land on the Boulder and Clear Creek Ranger Districts within Boulder, Gilpin, Clear Creek, Jefferson, and Park counties forest visitors may not:

·        Build or maintain a fire or use charcoal, coal, or wood stoves, except in permanent fire pits or fire grates within a developed recreation site (e.g., campgrounds where fees are charged).

·        Smoke, except in an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, or while in an area at least three feet in diameter cleared of all flammable materials.

·        Use any internal or external combustion engine (including chainsaws) without a spark arresting device properly working and a chemical pressurized fire extinguisher and a round point shovel.

·        Weld or operate acetylene or other torch with open flame except in cleared areas of at least 10 feet in diameter and in possession of a chemical pressurized fire extinguisher.

·        Use explosives, including fireworks.

Additionally the Stage 1 Fire restrictions for National Forest system land on the Boulder and Clear Creek Ranger Districts within Boulder, Clear Creek and Gilpin counties prohibit the:

·        Discharge of a firearm unless in possession of a valid Colorado hunting license and lawfully involved in hunting and harvesting game.

Violation of Stage 1 fire restrictions could result in a maximum fine of $5,000 for an individual or $10,000 for an organization, or imprisonment for more than six months, or both. If responsible for causing a wildfire, one could be held accountable for suppression costs of that fire.

To view the fire restriction orders and maps, go to They will be listed in the “Alerts and Notices” box on the right. Please note that many counties are also under fire restrictions; information is available at

Fire Prevention, Safety and Education: PDF to Post about the Meaning of a Level 1 Fire Ban.

Fire prevention, safety, education, and community are everyone’s business. Please consider posting the information about what a Level 1 Fire Ban means. If you own a business, please consider posting them in your windows and and doorways. Concerned citizens, bring some copies to local events, places or worship, or businesses that may not have read this post. Lets work together to educate the wonderful, uninformed folks who love visiting our town and who enjoy the great outdoors just as much as we do.

Xeriscape Gardening Saves Water at High Altitudes

It’s planting season! This year when you are planning your garden, please consider planting water friendly native plants or xeric plants. These plants save time and money because, once they are established, they can be sustained on natural rainfall. Even in the Colorado high country!
Xeriscaping is an easy, environmentally friendly way to save money on your water bill. Their beautiful blooms that won’t cost you an arm and leg to maintain. Many of these plants have more than just a pretty face. They can be used in soaps and shampoos, used to make medicines and balms, and of course attract beautiful butterflies and bees.
The Town of Nederland has had great success with plants like: Native Blue Flax, Smooth Aster, Wild Geranium, Blanket flower, Blue Penstemon, Native Bee Balm, Desert four o’clock, and many more. Stop by the Town Hall information board to see examples of plants and learn more.
For a link to more plants and information please email Nicki Dunn, Town of Nederland Parks Lead Technician, at

2018 Firewise Town Clean-Up: Saturday, June 2nd!

The annual Nederland Firewise Town Clean-up is the ideal time to remove all flammable material from your home ignition zone! Bring it in for disposal.

For more information about preparing your property for wildfire, visit:

Nederland Community Sort Yard: slash, logs (trimmed/no branches), chunk and decayed wood, needles and duff, weeds, grass clippings, pine cones. In rolled-closed, compostable paper bags. Visit the Boulder County website for complete guidelines.

Boulder County Transportation Yard: scrap metal, unpainted scrap wood, reusable building materials, lead acid batteries, electronics, bicycles and parts, motor oil, anti freeze, paint, prescription drugs, landfill waste. NO HOUSEHOLD TRASH – NO PESTICIDES. Fee: $15.00 per pickup load of landfill waste.

Boulder County Waste Transfer Station: household trash, appliances, tires, mattresses, standard recyclables, styrofoam, compost, reusable used clothing.