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Planning Commission Meeting on February 27 starting at 7pm

Due to a default setting in the web portal, the iCompass Agenda shows the heading as a Board of Trustees meeting on the first page, however this is incorrect. You’ll see on the 2nd page (agenda without links) that February 27 is a Planning Commission meeting. We are working with company techs to get this ongoing issue resolved. My apologies for any confusion this may cause in the interim.

For any questions, contact Cynthia Bakke at cynthiab<at symbol> or 303-258-3266 ext 1040

Advisory Committee for Code modifications re: Long and Short Term Rental update

Stay up to date with the latest consideration of potential modifications to the Nederland Municipal Code regarding long and short term rentals at the link below which will be updated regularly. Pages where you can find the bulk of relevant edits and comments include pages 56-60, 200-234, 279-295 and 304-332. If you have comments, please send them to Cynthia Bakke, Deputy Zoning Administrator, at She will share with the Advisory Committee who will meet again on January 29 at 5:30pm at the Community Center.

Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) meeting on 1.10.2019

The Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) will meet on January 10, 2019 starting at 7pm in order to conduct regular Board business (Approval of September 13, 2018 meeting minutes and Election of Officers) as well as consider a variance request for Dave McElvain at 88 Sundance Circle in order to construct an attached garage in the rear of the home which would not meet the district’s required 40-foot rear setback.

The Board of Zoning Adjustment meets quarterly on the 2nd Thursday of the first month of each quarter (January, April, July, October), unless there is no board business or variance requests. Should a variance request be submitted in between a quarterly meeting, another date may be chosen to meet. Decisions of the BZA may only be appealed through District Court.

For any questions, please contact Deputy Zoning Administrator / BZA Clerk Cynthia Bakke at 303-258-3266 ext 22 or via email at cynthiab<at symbol>

BOT-appointed Committee provides link to suggested code changes re: Short and LongTerm Rental

The Board of Trustees-appointed Committee to consider changes to the Nederland Municipal Code (NMC) pertaining to short and long term rental met for the first time last night. The Public is welcome to view the working document of suggested code changes in Google Docs found at this link:

There are no page numbers included in this very large document, however the slider bar will show the page number when scrolling through. Comments begin with Sec. 1-72. – General penalty for violation re: fees (aka Chapter 1), a comment in Sec. 2-226. – Contempt power (pertaining to Municipal Court) re: fees, and Chapter 4 ARTICLE VI Occupational Tax with a space-holder in that chapter potentially for Lodging Tax. The bulk of suggested edits can be found in Chapter 6 ‘Business Licenses and Regulations’ [especially pertaining to sections concerning Rental License/of Property], Chapter 7 ‘Health, Sanitation, and Animals’, Chapter 8 ‘Vehicles and Traffic’, Chapter 10 ‘General Offenses’ as well as Chapter 13 ‘Municipal Utilities’ and Chapter 16 ‘Zoning’ and definitions in Chapter 17 ‘Subdivisions’ and Chapter 18 ‘Building Regulations’.

Throughout the entire document there are proposed changes to the fee structures in many chapters. For those chapters/sections that directly pertain to short or long term rental, please focus upon Chapters 6, 13, and 16, especially the definitions sections of Chapters 6 and 16.

If members of the Public would like to participate during the process, please send your comments to Deputy Zoning Administrator (formerly Planning & Building Technician) Cynthia Bakke via email.

cynthiab (at symbol)


Incorrect Planning Commission Date has been corrected; Planning Commission Meeting on November 28

Please be aware that the wrong date was formerly published on the Planning Commission Agenda, despite all the associated materials having the correct date.

The meeting is on November 28, and the agenda has now been corrected with the PC packet republished.

~~A calm returns to the Land, just in time for Thanksgiving.~~


Cynthia Bakke, Planning and Building Technician and

Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Adjustment Clerk

Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) Meeting 10.11.2018

The Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) will meet tonight 10.11.2018 for a regular Quarterly meeting. There are no variance applications in the queue, but the Board will conduct regular meeting business such as approving the minutes from the last meeting and receiving some training.

Deadline extended for Public Comment for 2.28.2018 Planning Commission meeting

The deadline for receiving input on the Planning Commission packet items, including BCHA Final PUD + their requests for Right of Way (ROW) vacations of Tilden Street and Johnson Street has been EXTENDED due to public demand. The PC is also discussing Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and mixed use in the commercial districts. (see previous Planning Commission minutes). Input will be accepted until C.O.B. on Tuesday. Send input to:

All responses received prior to 4pm today will be included. All support and opposition will be listed as a separate pdf to accompany the PC packet to make updates easier to add, including responses from the postcards received.

Any further responses received on the day of the PC meeting will be printed for the Commissioners’ dais, with much less time to ingest before/during the meeting.

Thanks for the input!

BZA Meeting scheduled for October 12 – CANCELLED

Please be aware the BZA meeting scheduled for October 12 has been cancelled. While quorum was able to be obtained to hold the meeting, there were not enough voting members able to attend to approve board business. This meeting will be rescheduled: date TBD.