Road Grading In Progress

by Nathan Tye on June 1, 2017

Grading has commenced with the nice weather! Public Works completed grading 5th St, Stinky Gulch and before finishing the asphalt on Jefferson and 72 and going back to Big Springs. We will be posting notices to residents on Sundance Circle with dates when we are going to grade in that neighborhood and would appreciate all residents with vehicles parked on the side of the road to please remove them for the maintenance event. It is our intention that in addition to cleaning and striping the Visitor Center parking lot next week, we will spend a couple days in the next two weeks grading in Sunnyside.

The second week of June we are very excited to do some in house upgrades to Chipeta Park trails, drainage and equipment upgrades.

Questions, comments, and work requests can be filed at Town Hall by completing a form that requires contact information.

Public works would like to thank you for driving the speed limit and keeping our work zones safe!


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