Road Grading Underway!

by Nathan Tye on May 12, 2017

Public Works has completed grading on Big Springs, part of Alpine, Lower Alpine, and Doe Trail. Please stay the speed limit to aid in the longevity of the road maintenance. This season we are rotating neighborhoods and attacking the worst roads in each neighborhood prior to moving on. Upon completion of the Big Springs neighborhood we will be moving to E 3rd St, Stinky Gulch and the Hill Top neighborhood before going back to Sunnyside.

Please understand that we have multiple work responsibilities beyond grading and that weather can impact our grading schedule as well. The week of the 15-19th, in addition to grading, we will be conducting asphalt work in downtown. The week of the 22nd-26th we will be conducting visitor center lot cleaning and striping. We also intend to continue helping the police department by installing additional signage around town. The additional signs are intended to improve quality of life for us locals during festivals. Finally, questions, comments, and work requests can be filed at Town Hall by completing a form that requires contact information.

Public works would like to thank you for driving the speed limit and keeping our work zones safe!



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