by Kat McDonald on April 17, 2017

Monday, Apr. 17th at 4:30pm  –  The crew continues to work on the high pressure water main.  There are many variables to the repair, but the crew will not stop for the evening until the fix is completed.  They are hoping to have it finished between 10pm and midnight tonight at the latest.  Please note that other areas not listed below, may still experience changes in water pressure, but should still have some water.

A broken water main has caused little or no water for many areas.  The Utilities Crew hopes to have it repaired by later today.  Affected areas include (but, may not be limited to):  Big Springs between Conger & Hwy 119 and W. 1st St.  Please conserve water as much as possible until the repair is complete.  The Utilities Crew appreciates your cooperation and understanding.


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