Saws and Slaws: Chainsaw Safety Class (Part I) Saturday April 26th, Saw Safety Class (Part II) & Saws and Slaws Event Sunday April 27th

by admin on April 15, 2014

In preparation for the upcoming fire mitigation season, Saws and Slaws is offering a chainsaw safety class in Nederland on Saturday April 26th. There will be a classroom component followed by time in the field where instructors Eric Folwell and Eric Philips will go over saw maintenance, basic felling techniques, and how to safely work in groups. For those who are interested in additional training in tree falling techniques, the instructors will attend the Saws and Slaws event on the following day (Sunday April 27th) and offer additional one-on-one instruction to those who take the extended class.

In order to maintain the safety of our events, we are asking everyone who plans to operate a saw during Saws and Slaws events this season to have taken this class at some point. The cost for the basic class is $40 per person with an additional $20 dollars per person for the extended instruction.

Saw Safety Class (Part I):
Where : Nederland Community Center (start)
Nederland Water Treatment Plant (afternoon)
When : Saturday April 26th 9am – 4pm
Cost : $40

Saw Safety Class (Part II) – additional field training:
Where : Nederland Water Treatment Plant (afternoon)
When : Sunday April 27th 9am – 2pm
Cost : $20

Saws and Slaws Event:
There will be a sawyers only Saws and Slaws event on Sunday April 27th 9am – 2pm at the Nederland Water treatment plant. We will be cutting trees and not hauling slash. We are asking all sawyers to attend the event to brush up on saw safety and get some cutting time with trained sawyers. There is no cost and we will supply food and drink after the event for all who attend!

We are asking everyone who plans to operate a saw this season to be at the event and/or to take the class to get prepared for the upcoming mitigation season.

Please contact Alan Brewer at if you plan to attend the class and/or the Saws and Slaws event.


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